Tracking Shadows

•Ishan Project: 349/16•



Violet’s insatiable appetite to please Chûndra caused her to become a monster she always feared. Aggressive, vicious, and instinctive: Her psyche was unstable now.  She tracks Chûndra’s movements as she sticks to the shadows.  She’d been following Chûndra’s activity for some time now. She now senses her Crown’s power wain.

“Now would be an excellent time to intervene,” Violet reasons.

TRACKING SHADOWS / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


9 thoughts on “Tracking Shadows

  1. She looks so gentle and kind – hard to believe she has the darkness in her that she does. Love this, as I have all the others, Leah.

    ** Note that I will be using WP to follow you from here on out as I will be leaving G+ this weekend.

      1. Leah, it’s a number of things. Just wanting to get out from the massive data collection machine that Google has become is one of them. I think I’ve kinda grown tired of G+ in general.
        I’d like to start blogging someday but not really sure if/when that will happen.
        Glad I can continue to follow you outside the scope of G+!

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