Wilted Trance

 •Ishan Project: 357/8•



Olam Ra gathered everyone around the rectangular planning table to discuss the situation reported to him by Birdface. It seemed as though some of Chûndra’s power had been stripped by Violet. But Violet was much more than a loose cannon—she had become deadly.  At least Chûndra erred on the concept of control. Violet, on the other hand, became deeply desperate for Chûndra’s affection. In her frantic attempts at grasping for it, she’d come in contact with a unique find. Chûndra had given her capabilities which enhanced her control over the Impostors. While that control served its purpose, she hadn’t monitored the effect it would have on Violet, close enough. Initially, Chûndra only intended to have the flying moths create a parasitic relationship with Violet by feeding off her of her energies and harnessing them into something constructive which Chûndra would later make use of. But Violet, in her overzealous efforts in trying to display her affection for Chûndra, somehow managed to reengineer them into a symbiotic relationship. The Impostors morphed into this ‘partnership’ with ease because they also shared a similar desire for Chaen’s petals. And now, with no flowers to feed their tiny frames, they’d grapple for anything.

As he concludes his synapse he motions towards Anali Q, placing his branches around her bare shoulders. “Anali, this is why we must rescue your sister,” he tells her.

“What sister?” Anali responds in a low voice. “Dad, you can’t mean…There’s no way she was right.”

WILTED TRANCE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


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