Thanks so much for a great year!

It’s unbelievable how fast the year has flown by! So much has transpired and despite Chûndra’s brief takeover, it’s been an absolute pleasure creating these daily images and documenting their story. The 4bearance and I would sincerely like to give each and everyone of you a special thanks for all of your support. Now that we’ve entered the final phase of our year long tale the 4th Element will have an opportunity to dictate how this story will continue. By liking, sharing and commenting, yes you: The Observers, have played a unique role. A Special thanks to all of you as our story continues… Resist & Remember.
Leah Smithson


10 thoughts on “Thanks so much for a great year!

    1. Bob, it’s really been my pleasure. I’ve really enjoyed helping to create this series. A little about this post… I’ve tried throughout the year to give everyone a glimpse of what all of these pieces will look like in an actual show. Just a glimpse of what we have to look forward to in a few months. Still ironing out the details. Thanks again.

  1. As part of the 4bearance I truly appreciate how you’ve beautifully illustrated the past, present and future hopes of our cause and the wonderful beings it benefits… Thank you for letting all experience our adventure through your work… Your beautiful, inspirational, vibrant work! Resist & Remember… Still!

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