Thanks To All of You and The KSR Staff Pick

I just wanted to thank all of you for supporting me with The Ishan Project and the Wearable Art Relics.  Through your support we’ve made it to Miami Basel,, San Francisco’s Mission District and finally on National TV. A special Thank You today goes out to Sara Hummer, Callum Atchison, T.J. Carella, Shanika Medina, and also Kickstarter’s Staff Pick group!

KSR staff pick


2 thoughts on “Thanks To All of You and The KSR Staff Pick

  1. The Ishan project was fabulous , everyday I looked 4ward to next installment .well done to you and the team .The ha
    rd work and commitment have paid off

    1. That’s so kind of you to say Gillian. I’m grateful to hear it. ^+^. Now I’ve been working on a Kickstarter project which will collaborate many of those daily paintings on beautiful silk and cotton scarves. Gillian if you’d like to contribute to the project please go to Pledges start at $1 and many include artwork from the year long project. Also if you’re in the area please come to the Launch Art Show this Saturday.

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