Porcelain on “Liquid Dreams”

Added a few new porcelain mushrooms to “Liquid Dreams” (The Millennial Mona Lisa) now on its way to San Francisco to dwell at @artattacksf. If you’re in the Bay Area you’ll be able to see it soon.

Unofficial After Party

Come join me @artshare_la for @laartshow after party and closing reception for our All Stars show. It is FREE to attend! There will be 2 DJs @azul213 @djfrancescaharding, and a cash bar available with cocktails from @mulhollanddistilling & @qmixer and beer from @pabstblueribbon.

The ‘Living Oar’ ready for 🔥

The ‘Living Oar’ ready for 🔥 #workinprogress

A Crown that Bleeds “ii”

A Crown that Bleeds “ii”

Digital Rendering at the Coffee shop

Working on some new pieces. In the meanwhile, This is a mural concept rendering at this coffee shop.

Finishing touches for Unique Market Santa Monica


Putting the finishing touches on a few new porcelain hands for the @uniquemarkets #uniquela show next week. Come through and check out many of these pieces and several other designers, crafters, djs', and makers at:
Barker Hangar
3021 Airport Ave
Unit 203
Santa Monica, CA 90405
United States on the 19th, 20th. Tickets are only $15. Everyone who signs up for our newsletter will also be randomly selected for a free pass to get in. Can't wait to see you in person! 🎶@littledragonflicks 📷 @vlc_photo 💄💇🏼 @silversunmakeup ⛓⚒👾 @leahsmithsonart


•Ishan Project: 317/48•



As The Slayer leaned back, her swan’s neck raised in curiosity. For years its beak drooped low because of its concern for her. Yet today it sensed her courage rise.

Last night she’d managed to rescue Jeth. Now that she and Jess had brought him back to 4bear’s lair, they understood why yesterday’s experience had been so unusual.

Chûndra had sent a special vapor to attack Jeth. Yet, somehow it tore into the molecular structure of glass enclosed around his mask. They’d use this knowledge.

Meanwhile, they gather around the table to discuss the tragedy Chûndra’s created. As they watch Netra propagate the flowers from her son’s heart, a strategy is revised.

RISE  / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

A Path

•Ishan Project: 314/51•



It was damp and cold. Yet, Aram needed to take a walk to clear her mind of all that’s happened this week. She throws a scarf around her shoulders as she exits the foyer. She then starts to calculate their next step. This current predicament was irritating to say the least.

But this feeling of defeat brought back memories of the time Chûndra would torment her at weeks on end. It was as though she were reliving the feelings of helplessness she felt so long ago.  It was ironic that with the few flowers that remained from Chaen’s heart, they would have the key to the antidote needed to combat this vapor. But we only have a few flowers on hand and Chûndra’s Vapor was becoming stronger than ever. We need to figure out how to take these few flowers to create a tincture to keep 4bear’s minds open, so that we’d be able free the rest of the world be4 it is too late.

A PATH / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

A Reflective Reconnaissance

•Ishan Project: 310/55•



Devastated, 4bear stares into the empty nursery.  This is  where the antidote to mankind’s slavery under Chûndra used to be. All that hard work…gone. Anali looks down heartbroken, but too angry to cry. She can’t give up, though. She won’t let them give up. Quitting wasn’t in her vocabulary. Even if they have to start over, the Ishan and mankind had too much at stake.  She considers their predicament carefully.  Although these creatures have eaten all of the remaining flowers, there still was one alternative they could turn to.


A Portrait of Anali In A Dance of Mourning

•Ishan Project: 306/59•



She thinks of this as she dances alone tonight and the stars became more visible. Something about the sound of the wind infused so much energy into her trunk, she was amazed at how much she had been affected. This dance tonight was not one of joy or excitement, but rather one of focus, determination, and concentration. Although they were entrapped in a dazed state, she’d dance for them tonight.

She thinks back to how perplexed and in pain her parents had been. But now, pieces of the vast puzzle that Chûndra created were slowly fitting into place. The tree branch floating in that glass case had to have come from her parents. Thinking back now, this made sense. No wonder the branches growing alongside the staircase looked so familiar. She couldn’t help but feel heart broken at how cruel Chûndra had become over the years.  After all, her parents originally took care of Chûndra when she had no one else. And to think, this was the way she had chosen to return her family’s love and affection.

Those particles floating around the small glass case in the laboratory must have been part of the reason Preet fell into that comatose state once its’ case was broken. Since the experience Preet had was a little different than those that fall under the influence of the Sufna vapor, 4bear knows there must be at least one other ingredient in Sufna, as well. In the meantime, she was grateful they were able to smuggle one of the impostors away. Maybe they could take it back into the lab to do a more thorough study on these creatures. They need to figure out how to stop them until they find a permanent solution to control this Vapor.



 •Ishan Project: 305/60•



(Cont. from DAY 303) Fortunately, the young woman felt no pain. This, they were thankful for, and they’ll ensure her cure. As she marches to the beat of Chûndra’s drums, they remembered an experience Preet had earlier this week. The difference was that Preet’s experience was painful. She, then, was struck to sleep and awakened by Anali. But despite the penetrating affects of the flower, she experienced a case of mild amnesia temporarily.

Today, Preet leans back and reflects on the 4bearance’s efforts this year. So much has happened. Her limbs crackle in the cold darkness outside. A stiff breeze rattles her branches and it just…feels…so…good. She embraces this moment as she hears someone counting down in the distance.

Although her memory had been lost temporarily, and although she experienced pain temporarily, they at least are much closer to the source of Chûndra’s vapor.

RUSTLE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″