Sculpting with New textures & colors

In the studio today experimenting with colored porcelain on some new sculptural pieces.

A Crown that Bleeds “ii”

A Crown that Bleeds “ii”

In the Lab. Thanks for Your Inquiries

Some people have been asking what I’ve been doing since the last Ishan post. Just to let you know, I’ve been busily working on putting together a show and some exciting projects I’ll be letting you know about soon. In the meantime, thank you for all of the inquiries and support. Resist & Remember.



The Constant

•Ishan Project: 361/4•



She stands proudly. It was all a front, though. We can see the terror in her eyes. Finally, the realization of what was happening must have started to click for her. Her counterfeit smile couldn’t mask the disappointment she felt. The world she spent centuries building was crumbling before her, but we are not fooled. Chûndra is not one to give up so easily. Right now she needs us. For some reason, she can’t handle Violet on her own. Violet is a person she recreated and gave power to. For Violet to turn on Chûndra, ripping away all of her power and taking away her throne, all of this has to be horribly embarrassing for Chûndra. Her hatred for Violet is much stronger than her hatred of 4bear. She needs us, so she’s using us. She takes us for granted, though. She won’t expect that we will be using her as well.

Defeated, she laughs and tells us, “You will never be able to stop her. Her symbiotic relationship with those insects has grown too strong. Her tiny ‘Impostors’, as you call them, are too powerful and cannot be stopped by anyone but her. ” And thus we realized what we needed to do to take down Violet and the Impostors.

THE CONSTANT / Mixed Media / 4″ x 5″


•Ishan Project: 166/199•



Aram leans forward and unbuttons the back of her blouse to let her flowers breath in the sun. She takes in a deep breath as the petals transform from its warm radiant energy. She begins to smile softly to herself as thoughts of her brother echo through her mind. She knows he’d have been proud of her. The task ahead would be no small feat, but she’d be ready.

EXHALATION / Gouache, Acrylic, Color Pencils / 8.5″ x 11″


•Ishan Project: 122/243•



They’ve been communicating underground using vibrations.  She hears the last Thump.  Through trial and error Anali Q has cracked the code of the BirdFace Crew.  It won’t be long until she figures out where he’s been.  Koyu’s too smart to get caught by Chûndra.  “But, I will always find him,” Anali whispers to herself.

WHISPER/ Gouache, Pencil /  5.5″ x 8.5″