Disturbing Algorithm  (Remixed)

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…For Old Time Sake

Hi Everyone,

Thinking of the Ishan Project last year, I wanted to share something with you for old time sake 😛

The Hummingbirds drop her from a high vantage point in order for her tendrils to be able to  split through the atmosphere and dense layers of radioactive waves referred to as the Algorithm. As she transitions downward, she feels the wavelength’s radiation trying to attach itself to her small frame.  It begins to suck at her skin like tiny leeches.
Many of the flowers that feed remained in bloom despite Chûndra’s disturbance, but now it’s become apparent she’s using a new deterrent. This is the wavelength we’ve identified.  The Birds’ refer to it as ‘The Disturbing Algorithm.’ It’s effects settle like a dense fog over an individual’s psyche. Impressing into one’s mind the damaging state of inactivity.  Too many victims have already fallen prey to it’s effects. And that’s why it was necessary for us to take counter action. After further discussion we all agreed The Sower would be used to combat this new weapon.
As she lowers in her descent, she hears a loud flapping somewhere in the distance. This flapping is followed by a hysterical laughter that can only originate from Cherry. It’s obvious that The BirdFace Crew has pinpointed her location. Cherry begins to beat his wings harder now that he’s found her. This cannot be good.

Rushed Silenced

•Ishan Project: 355/10•



She couldn’t afford their suspicions getting in the way. Violet had noticed the birds flight pattern change. She had already overpowered the will of the Tritons and soon would have an edge over those humans Chûndra controlled.

But she noticed tonight that Birdface and his crew hadn’t quite been affected by her manipulation. This concerned her…but only temporarily. While Chûndra laid trapped in the north wing of her palace, she watched in defiance as Violet began to feed their curious appetites. The larvae struggled on their beaks as the desperate birds fed savagely. They hadn’t seen this many larvae in such an abundance and in one place. They began gulping the masses greedily as their hind feathers floated in the air from the constant movement. Unexpectedly, their squawking grew rather silent as Cherry fell over first. His limp body scurried rather wildly on its side, then…stillness.

As leader, Birdface had always been in the habit of watching his followers feed first before delving in. It wasn’t out of caution, he just enjoyed watching others consume. His patience proved fortunate tonight.

He would have to leave the remaining crew if he were to survive this incident. As Birdface gathered flight, he realizes he would need to have help with this Violet. She embraced her psychosis in an instinctive fashion he’d never encountered before. But who could he turn to for assistance?

RUSHED SILENCE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Night VisionsNight Visions

•Ishan Project: 259/106•

259cherry 1


He he he he he was more than some errand bird. Anali was always snooping around. He’d never forget how humiliated he had been when word reached Chûndra that he had been the reason she reunited with Koyu. Cherry harbored a grudge sharper than a razor.

Night vision was his specialty however. As he creeped through the dense darkness, his minions close by, he senses the young one, Violet. Cherry has what she desires, but he’d make her wait. A bigger trap was about to get set.

NIGHT VISIONS / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 8.5″


•Ishan Project: 237/128•



Helpless, the seedlings never satisfy his insatiable appetite. As they’re being chewed, you can hear each seed’s cry as blood from its stamen slowly pours down the side of its petals. He eats madly. He decides to no longer savor the soft petals. Instead, he prefers swallowing them whole.

Intoxicated by his meal, he failed to utilize his cloak of invisibility. He didn’t even care at this point if she heard him. He’d been following her for a while now, waiting to see if she would lead him to more.

DEVOURER / Gouache, Pastel, Graphite / 5.5″ x 8.5″


•Ishan Project: 203/162•



(Cont. from DAY 202) There’s a newcomer to town. Someone who seems a little unlike most of the town’s inhabitants. Many of the locals have been talking about him. Reportedly, many have been annoyed by his flowery fragrance and the annoying hummingbird which follows him around. The BFC have tried tracking his whereabouts, but haven’t been able to pinpoint where or what this stranger has been doing at present.

Meanwhile, Chûndra continues her experiment on the inhabitants, making sure her chemical vapor is continuing to saturate throughout this small village. She wants to see how long it will take for the brainwashing to become permanent.

But something begins to bother her. This stranger been able to resist her control so far. How?  She’s even multiplied the dosage of the Sufna formula’s vapor, yet she knows he hasn’t succumbed to it. For if he did, he would have materialized by now. He is too much of an unpredictable variable. He can’t stay.

STAY / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

Birds Made for Fright

•Ishan Project: 178/187•

Day 5 of 10 for the Recap of the Ishan Project’s first 6 months.



Birdface is the name of the leader of the Biogenetical engineered species of birds that are highly intelligent, devious and aggressive. These birds would fly around as Chûndra’s personal entourage.  They became known as the Birdface Crew or BFC for short.


BFC / Gouache, Graphite,  Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″