Sculpting with New textures & colors

In the studio today experimenting with colored porcelain on some new sculptural pieces.

A Crown that Bleeds “ii”

A Crown that Bleeds “ii”

Bending Glass

•Ishan Project: 316/49•



Jess and The Slayer arrived early tonight in this small town. They had been commissioned by 4bear to bring Jeth back. Time had not been on our side. The Vapor had spread so quickly and it was quite evident that mankind’s memory is slowly dwindling.

To devise a strategy against the Vapor, it was necessary to regroup.

The Slayer looks in the distance and sights Jeth leaning against a pole, beaten. It seemed as if he had just come from some battle and had been fighting the chemicals in the air around him with his mask. She also notices that his pocket square no longer contained the tincture or cure he normally carried with him at all times. Then slowly, the glass around his left eye case begins to cracks. His hand reaches the mask as it begins to shatter and glass chips fly high.

BENDING GLASS / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

The Sower and Her Cold Step

•Ishan Project: 183/182•

Day 10 of 10 for the Recap of the Ishan Project’s first 6 months. (YAY!)



Rïden, Netra, Koyu, and Anali Q form an alliance of a dynamic movement against Chûndra and her cronies. At first this small group was unknown but later became called The 4bearance.  They’ve now aligned forces with a new agent.

She is the Sower.  Actually 4th generation of a family of Sowers that were recruited originally by Koyu.

Meanwhile, an urban woman shrouded in Pink became known for setting trends. Not in fashion, but in restoration. She’s been working with the Sower in planting the Seeds of the flowers that feed.

Notice she’s inviting us to join her with her eyes.   This post is dedicated to each of you who’ve shared, liked, followed and commented on this series within the past 6 months. However our story hasn’t ended.  We’ve focused on what’s happened in the past. Let’s now focus on the now, because together it will take a collaborated effort to fight against Chûndra’s conditioning.

THE SOWER AND HER COLD STEP / Gouache, Graphite, Color Pencil / 8.5″ x 11″

4 Days Until Ishan Project Begins


4 Days Until the Ishan Project Begins. Materials: Ready. Sign up to Follow this Gripping Tale at

5 Days Until the Ishan Project Begins

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