Ishan Project: 327/38•



Shattering, then a crash. She can now feel the open air blow gently across her face. Glass chips float around them as they fall slowly from the chamber they’d been trapped in for centuries. Her limbs instantly sprout as the brilliant sunlight from above softly caress them.  But it was so difficult to move. Muscle atrophy from so much inactivity has caused her movements to remain restricted. Rïden and Koyu carry them out.

Meanwhile, Chûndra lay dazed from this unknown substance which trumped her nano-tech. Defeated. The realization of what just transpired was crushing to her soul. She sunk to her knees as she witnessed her life’s work, put together over centuries, being destroyed right in front of her eyes. She even feels the energy from her crown slowly dwindle. How could she have reacted so slowly? Somehow they’d managed to temporarily decommission her Triton clan as well. But she senses Violet calmly watching from a corner of the room. A dark energy had been brewing within her. Chûndra noticed a slight change in her recently, but now she has a feeling that this attack by 4bear will make it manifest.

DESCEND / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″