A Path

•Ishan Project: 314/51•



It was damp and cold. Yet, Aram needed to take a walk to clear her mind of all that’s happened this week. She throws a scarf around her shoulders as she exits the foyer. She then starts to calculate their next step. This current predicament was irritating to say the least.

But this feeling of defeat brought back memories of the time Chûndra would torment her at weeks on end. It was as though she were reliving the feelings of helplessness she felt so long ago.  It was ironic that with the few flowers that remained from Chaen’s heart, they would have the key to the antidote needed to combat this vapor. But we only have a few flowers on hand and Chûndra’s Vapor was becoming stronger than ever. We need to figure out how to take these few flowers to create a tincture to keep 4bear’s minds open, so that we’d be able free the rest of the world be4 it is too late.

A PATH / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″


•Ishan Project: 312/53•



The 4bearance watch her as she carefully walks into the room to showcase their last hope. We can’t help but hold our breath as Netra holds this heart close to her chest. Aram enters the room and sees the commotion. Her eyes ignite with admiration and sadness as she looks upon the life-giving organ of a heart from her brother.

Thinking back to the battle they just experienced with the Imposters, they now realize it was a carefully orchestrated attack from Chûndra. The pattern that was left on the floor by the moths made it obvious. Chûndra likes to leave her mark, just to rub it in. She will definitely not waste any time putting her plan into action now that she has defeated 4bear. It’s not looking good for us. But now with Chaen‘s heart, we have something we can work with. Even if Chûndra knows the origin of the original Flowers that Feed, 4bear has to try…at least until we figure out what to do next.

ANTIDOTE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Collapsed Petals

•Ishan Project: 291/74•



He’d never let her in to his private quarters. He didn’t want her to find what his secret experiments entailed. So for years, Vale remained patient. Trusting him. Allowing him privacy.

Every day she would sit and watch the world from underneath their eucalyptus tree. She decided to allow herself to be excited about his experiments and his goals. If his experiments will work it would be worth whatever time she had been waiting. Even though weeks and months would pass by when he wouldn’t leave his lab, that would be such a small time in comparison to the time they would have ahead…If—no—when his experiments worked.

Then she realized he was experimenting on himself. He was so sick. He wouldn’t let her help him. Each year that would pass, her heart would tear a little more and a little more, as she watched him destroy himself. Finally, when news had spread throughout Ishandria that her husband, without her knowledge, had been performing ‘experiments’ to create a hybrid species of bird, Vale realized that none of that obsession was really about them and their life together as a family. It was about himself. His insecurity. He had forgotten all about her. She wasn’t important to him. And he wasn’t going to change. Chûndra watched her one day as she withered from a torn septum. Her grief had been so tangible it was as though the petals from her flowers slowly collapsed themselves over her lips.

COLLAPSED PETALS / Mixed Media / 5″ 9″

Story of Jess

•Ishan Project: 236/129•



Before the action began, her life flashes by. She would never forget the affect the fragrance had on her heart. How liberating it was! It was as if she could smell the air anew.

It was she who’d thrown the first blow. However, Jeth had recovered and ultimately won the battle. No longer enslaved by her vapor she could see things now from a fresher vantage point.

STORY OF JESS / Gouache, Acrylic, Graphite / 5.5″ x 8.5″


•Ishan Project: 222/143•



This spreading has allowed each seed to grow independently. As each start to take root, the stamen wrapped in each flower begins to bud out from the petals that house it.

The Sower inspects their foundation and realizes her plans have had a measure of success. Now that they’ve taken root, it would be necessary to ensure the seeds survival.

Meanwhile, the Forecaster sniffs the air searching for any signs of a pulse. His gut tells him he should head westbound.

FLOURISH / Gouache, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 8.5″