Velvet Poppies

Dark blue velvet poppies made for a Special commission. Thinking of adding these to the line. 🤔


Feeling inspired in Peru & Parts of a painting

Feeling inspired while walking Peru tonight

Sympathetic Strings(2017) [A Beautiful Decay Series]

Acrylic & Oil on Wood 36’’ ⭕️ Diameter

Sympathetic Strings

Sympathetic Strings(2017) [A Beautiful Decay Series]

Acrylic & Oil on Wood 36’’ ⭕️ Diameter

Finishing touches for Unique Market Santa Monica

Putting the finishing touches on a few new porcelain hands for the @uniquemarkets #uniquela show next week. Come through and check out many of these pieces and several other designers, crafters, djs', and makers at:
Barker Hangar
3021 Airport Ave
Unit 203
Santa Monica, CA 90405
United States on the 19th, 20th. Tickets are only $15. Everyone who signs up for our newsletter will also be randomly selected for a free pass to get in. Can't wait to see you in person! 🎶@littledragonflicks 📷 @vlc_photo 💄💇🏼 @silversunmakeup ⛓⚒👾 @leahsmithsonart

Disturbing Algorithm  (Remixed)

  • algorithmalgorithmDetail

Just read an amazing article that mentioned how color can affect your productivity by Talor Casti @thecoppergirl on @mashable. Even if you may have a favorite color, the effect of being around certain colors are universal. I’m putting together an experiment to try this week with my peeps on my email list. Come try it with us. It’s easy and fun. Sign up for the email list at (the link is in the profile)

Radio Interview with Patrick McCarty


Just finished an interview with Patrick McCarty on Insight Radio. I’d love to hear your thoughts.



The Constant

•Ishan Project: 361/4•



She stands proudly. It was all a front, though. We can see the terror in her eyes. Finally, the realization of what was happening must have started to click for her. Her counterfeit smile couldn’t mask the disappointment she felt. The world she spent centuries building was crumbling before her, but we are not fooled. ChĂ»ndra is not one to give up so easily. Right now she needs us. For some reason, she can’t handle Violet on her own. Violet is a person she recreated and gave power to. For Violet to turn on ChĂ»ndra, ripping away all of her power and taking away her throne, all of this has to be horribly embarrassing for ChĂ»ndra. Her hatred for Violet is much stronger than her hatred of 4bear. She needs us, so she’s using us. She takes us for granted, though. She won’t expect that we will be using her as well.

Defeated, she laughs and tells us, “You will never be able to stop her. Her symbiotic relationship with those insects has grown too strong. Her tiny ‘Impostors’, as you call them, are too powerful and cannot be stopped by anyone but her. ” And thus we realized what we needed to do to take down Violet and the Impostors.

THE CONSTANT / Mixed Media / 4″ x 5″


•Ishan Project: 360/5•



When the glass burst, Chûndra sustained only minor injuries: a concussion, glass shrapnel abrasions and minor bruises were the only physical damages noticed. True Birds carried her back to our lair.  After a violent tantrum, 4bear managed to sustain her inside of four walls covered by tarp derived from the N-oid tincture. Her energies began to wain a bit. Yet, her powers were restoring, thanks to her crown.

She rolled the magnetic energy between her fingers, harnessing the power in her tiny cell. A smirk moved across her face she caught sight of Aram. Aram glared back at her, remembering the torture ChĂ»ndra put her and her family through. And all because of ChĂ»ndra’s greed for power. As Anali walks in the room, she notices their exchange. “Take her crown Aram,” Anali says, “After all, she stole it from you anyway, and we can’t afford for her to break free. The less power she has at this point, the better.”

“It would be my pleasure,” Aram replies warmly.

She enters the cell and instantly a sharp burst of negative energy strikes Aram in the chest. ChĂ»ndra begins to rise, but Aram is prepared. Her flowers pulsate rhythmically and the kinetic energy from ChĂ»ndra’s blast is reversed upon contact with Aram’s body. When the impact strikes, ChĂ»ndra’s body falls suddenly. Unaffected by this minor altercation, Aram reaches down and snatches the crown away from her. Then, she carefully steps over ChĂ»ndra’s body towards the exit.

She couldn’t help but look back at the cell’s glass fixture to find ChĂ»ndra glaring at her. Aram innocently smiles back at her. Even though we have secured ChĂ»ndra, the 4bearance and the rest of the world still has a major problem, in the shade of Violet, which needs to be resolved.

ARC / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″


 •Ishan Project: 359/6•



The 4bearance crossed over the vicious woods and found the trail to her palace.  As they grew nearer, Anali began feeling her sister’s presence. It was unusual, yet as she looked back on her life, things were beginning to make sense now.  No wonder they’d shared similar aspirations throughout their lives. As she gets nearer, she pulls back the adjacent tree’s limbs which gave a glimpse of the North wing. That’s when ChĂ»ndra looks out her window.  Despite the commotion around her, she immediately draws eye contact with Anali. It seems as though she felt a similar connection as well. Anali’s stomach turns a little bit as she remembers how well she knew ChĂ»ndra. So much so, she could read her body language, which was showing she’d become rather inpatient, pacing back and forth with her eyes fixed on Anali. As ChĂ»ndra made a fist, sparks from her magnetic charge begin spewing out.  ChĂ»ndra assumed 4bear would rescue her. Apparently she felt they weren’t moving fast enough. It was only right. She had, after all, been entitled to this sort of attention.

As the Sun reflected against the glass wall’s exterior, you could see the warped reflections held within. Under further scrutiny, we realized that Violet imprisoned her in the same glass ChĂ»ndra encased her parents in. Preet released the N-oid tincture. The dense smoke traveled across the moat and made contact with the glass. As ChĂ»ndra proceeded to step backwards, she taps her foot quickly and waits for the chemical to take it’s effect.

CROSSED / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Speckled Shadow

•Ishan Project: 356/9•



The night’s moon sprinkles light onto the marble floors tonight. One of the Guardians hear a familiar voice over commotion in the distance, so he decides to inspect it further.  As he cautiously inches forward, he hears a clamored scratching and an eerie sound ahead.

As he turns the corner, he’s almost thrown backwards. For in front of him was the back of one of the largest birds he’d ever seen in person. This species had stood at an insurmountable nine feet. What was even more shocking was that Olam Ra had been speaking with him almost in a consolable fashion. This conversation proved odd. Even though he felt danger in the air, he knew he and everyone here were safe. As he stepped inside of the room the Bird’s neck turned a complete 180Âş. After it made eye contact with him, it hastily turned it’s attention back to Olam Ra.

SPECKLED SHADOW / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

The 4th

•Ishan Project: 353/12•



Jess’ courage never failed despite her infirmities. Her efforts led us to the fourth and final Element.

We had scanned the petals from Chaen’s heart and noticed they pulsated rapidly once the Guardians and I brushed our skin against them. It was quiet interesting seeing their pulsations glow in the dark light cast by the moon’s shadow. But this experience would not have been possible without The 4th.

I felt a slight tremor in the air as we all realized it was all because of the Observers who have helped us propagate this seed. Yes, YOU. You’ve been reading this project’s story. With open minds you’ve come to understand our invisible enemy. You’ve supported us in this public awareness. And you’ve had a strong impact on weakening its influence by exposing it, every time you‘ve mentioned or shared this project with others. In a partnership, we’ve been able to actively fight ChĂ»ndra’s influence.  So yes, the fourth element was, is you: The Audience aka The Observers. This would serve as the final Element which could overthrow ChĂ»ndra’s agenda.

Through an analysis we will determine how all these pieces will fit together to form our cure.


 THE 4TH / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


•Ishan Project: 352/13•



The Third Element was composed from Chaen’s Heart. The soft petals mixed wonderfully with the gouache paint but was also able to create a stimulating ripple in ChĂ»ndra’s plans throughout the year.  But once they combined with the three other core elements it would cause a catalyst which would stimulate the masses.

Although these positive effects happened, Netra couldn’t help but turn her back away from them. The water began to drip down her face and stained the scarf strapped around her torso. Memories from several years began flooding her memory. She struggled to control her emotions now realizing how close they’d become to the catalyst which would rip apart the Vapor’s influence.

GO / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Tracking Shadows

•Ishan Project: 349/16•



Violet’s insatiable appetite to please ChĂ»ndra caused her to become a monster she always feared. Aggressive, vicious, and instinctive: Her psyche was unstable now.  She tracks ChĂ»ndra’s movements as she sticks to the shadows.  She’d been following ChĂ»ndra’s activity for some time now. She now senses her Crown’s power wain.

“Now would be an excellent time to intervene,” Violet reasons.

TRACKING SHADOWS / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Pursuit of a Renegade

•Ishan Project: 346/19•



I have to apologize for ChĂ»ndra’s interference this past week. Somehow she managed to hack into various accounts through negative magnetic waves.  Thanks so much for your patience.

Take what she’s said with a grain of salt, however. ChĂ»ndra enjoys mixing truth with fallacy. Regardless of what she says, she didn’t allow us to commandeer our station back. The 4bearance and I captured it back with some struggle. One thing though which came to our attention did have a strong tie with the truth. Olam Ra has confessed to her being one of his descendants. We are still working out the details of how this has happened and why he decided to keep this information quiet.

Another portion of ChĂ»ndra’s deceit was how she downplayed Violet’s odd behavior. It seems as though things are a lot worse than what we realized. Her impostors have matured, and have somehow become responsible for the slaughter of a number of innocent civilians. Aram has been looking into finding a way to track her and the Impostor’s movements.  We’re not sure of what her end game is, but we’ll keep you posted.

PURSUIT OF A RENEGADE /  Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Things That Sparkle

•Ishan Project: 342/23•



Where was I? Oh, right. Yes, so just in case you didn’t understand my post yesterday, I am saying Anali’s father is also my father. Now you see why I am saying that everything that girl has is actually mine. You also see why it is important for me to figure out how to get magneto-sensor powers from the Ishan. Those powers are wasted on them. My mother was half Ishan. My father is completely Ishan. That power is my birthright, and I know what to do with it.

All the pain and suffering of the ones I experimented on will not go to waste, including Aram. In fact, they should be honored to have been sacrificed for the sake of my plan, because it will lead to a better world. In the meantime, if I can’t have the power, I will control those that do. Thanks to Koyu and RĂŻden for waking the Ishan for me. I needed them awake.You see, I can appreciate others and admit my mistakes. But remember, I will not be denied power over them. ~ ChĂ»ndra

THINGS THAT SPARKLE / Collage, Gouache / 9″ x 12″


•Ishan Project: 335/30•



ChĂ»ndra walks into her palace after an inspection of the damage The 4bearance had caused to her lab. Losing Anali’s parents…was it infuriating or terrifying her? Maybe both. There was no way of knowing how much of her secrets they were able to pick up in their coma-like state. Besides, she had to figure out how 4bear was able to weaken her Crown’s powers.

She begins to sense a disturbance in the palace. Suddenly, she smells something putrid in her dining area. The stench became stronger and more bitter as she turned the corner. As her eyes met the source of the smell, she fell to the ground. This was something she wasn’t prepared for. A deformed and mangled body had been placed at the bottom of the dining room’s stairway. She gets closer, then reels back as she realizes that these had been the garments of the woman who was like a daughter to her, her apprentice Kalese. The flies had already began buzzing quite nosily now. ChĂ»ndra’s body began to tense up as her shock dissolved into curiosity. She knew this couldn’t have been the work of the 4bearance. They didn’t have it in them to do something so vicious. The scene which lain before her was evidence of someone who’d taken their time. But who’d dare do something so horrible?

DELIQUESCE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Young Anali Transfixed

 •Ishan Project: 333/32•

333young anali


(Con’t from Day 332) My heart beats quickly as he continues telling us the events that caused the Dark Sleep. His wife and daughter, Anali, were the last ChĂ»ndra poisoned. He noticed her wait awhile as she glared down at Anali, now that she’d been paralyzed. Then ChĂ»ndra turned her gaze toward him and grinned, knowing his mind was still capable of understanding what was happening. He remembers now how rough the smell of her leather sole had been as it smashed against his left cheek. His vision had already grown dark as she uttered the last few words that echoed in his mind for several centuries: “Struggling will only cause you more pain. Give in. Your power is already in my hands,” she said in monotone. And everything turned black. As calculated as she was, she missed something crucial…

YOUNG ANALI FROZEN /  Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Focal Point

Ishan Project: 326/39•



They creep into her fortress, but not too carefully. This time they want to be seen. They make their way into the atrium and instantly Anali’s eyes meet her mother’s once again.  Anali’s parents were enclosed in a glass crypt. All of the memories of what she believed to be their death, begin flooding into her head.

Though her mother’s face remains expressionless, her eyes tell everything. Anali feels her concern. There was no time for lingering in that moment. In the distance, she hears the sirens.  ChĂ»ndra and her army come storming in and the arrows start flying.

Netra snatches the N-oid ball in time. As she directs her breath around its’ curves, it dissolves into a powdery substance drifting into the air. They watch as it first begins to float. Then the powder  begins to adhere to the surfaces around them. The glass entrapment was the first item they heard shatter.  ChĂ»ndra feels the electric discharge in the atmosphere and starts to retreat, but not fast enough…

 FOCAL POINT / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Consume Awake

 •Ishan Project: 324/41•



“As you know, ChĂ»ndra’s crown gives her a certain amount of power,” Anali continues. “She has come to rely on it quite a bit. If there is a way to alter magnetism the way the geomagnetic storms alter the earth’s magnetism, this could give us an edge. It would weaken ChĂ»ndra so that we could overtake her.”

CONSUME AWAKE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Watchful Guardians

•Ishan Project: 323/42•



“So what you’re saying,” I asked, “is that the Ishan had been wakened by the magnetism from the earth’s atmosphere?”

“Right,”she answers.”Yet, we also selected several humans to join the 4bearance. These individuals had come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from common farmers, powerful poets and artists. A few came from wealthy backgrounds as well.

Waking the Ishan was a gradual process however. So, across the planet, we collectively laid the rare and precious salt deep down in the earth.  The Guardians protected these minerals until the next solar flare in 1988.”

WATCHFUL GUARDIANS / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Brilliant Particles

•Ishan Project: 322/43•



(Cont. from DAY 320)  Anali continues, “I told you that both the dark sleep and the awakening had been marked by two storms. The storms I referred to were not the product of rain or thunder. These storms were created by solar flares.”

“What do you mean by ‘solar’?,” I ask.

“Solar flares create geomagnetic storms.” She continues. “During these storms, the earth’s magnetic field is disrupted. During this event, the same high-energy particles that make the Aurora Borealis most brilliant are the same particles that disrupt the magnetic field that dance through our limbs. As Ishan, our bodies are extremely sensitive to this change. We suspect that this was critical to us going into the Dark Sleep. So Koyu figured that this was also critical to us waking up.

 BRILLIANT PARTICLES / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″


•Ishan Project: 320/45•



Koyu was the first victim to fall prey to her new hybrid formula. We had been in the laboratory working when he started repeating himself over and over.  We figured some of the nano tech must have bypassed the vents and seeped into the cracks of this room. And then he started transforming. I could see his limbs shake hard, then tremble. His eyes turned a purple, violet color.  While we all stood stunned, Anali reacted quickly. She snatched the scarf from my hand and wrapped it snugly around his neck. I was afraid to see his response, because the paint hadn’t quite been allowed to dry.

We watch solemnly as his convulsions begin to slow down, and his focus returns. He rolls over and stands up. Embarrassed, he grits his teeth, now that he had regained consciousness. He couldn’t believe that after all of these years of dodging, he almost succumbed to one of ChĂ»ndra’s devices.

GRIT / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Flooding Passages

•Ishan Project: 319/46•



I opened the package today. Its’ content glowed bright inside. As I dragged my fingers across its petals, I could instantly feel their energy flow. I personally felt honored that The 4bearance would choose me for a task so important and intricate.

These flowers had already been dried. First, I would need to pulverize them into a fine flour. This would make them easier to be mixed with the paint. As the brushes form shapes across the fibers, a thin pattern is formed. The paint begins to dry but I could feel the tincture enter into my nasal passages. Instantly, memories from my youth begin flooding my mind once again.

FLOODING PASSAGES / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


•Ishan Project: 317/48•



As The Slayer leaned back, her swan’s neck raised in curiosity. For years its beak drooped low because of its concern for her. Yet today it sensed her courage rise.

Last night she’d managed to rescue Jeth. Now that she and Jess had brought him back to 4bear’s lair, they understood why yesterday’s experience had been so unusual.

ChĂ»ndra had sent a special vapor to attack Jeth. Yet, somehow it tore into the molecular structure of glass enclosed around his mask. They’d use this knowledge.

Meanwhile, they gather around the table to discuss the tragedy ChĂ»ndra’s created. As they watch Netra propagate the flowers from her son’s heart, a strategy is revised.

RISE  / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Bending Glass

•Ishan Project: 316/49•



Jess and The Slayer arrived early tonight in this small town. They had been commissioned by 4bear to bring Jeth back. Time had not been on our side. The Vapor had spread so quickly and it was quite evident that mankind’s memory is slowly dwindling.

To devise a strategy against the Vapor, it was necessary to regroup.

The Slayer looks in the distance and sights Jeth leaning against a pole, beaten. It seemed as if he had just come from some battle and had been fighting the chemicals in the air around him with his mask. She also notices that his pocket square no longer contained the tincture or cure he normally carried with him at all times. Then slowly, the glass around his left eye case begins to cracks. His hand reaches the mask as it begins to shatter and glass chips fly high.

BENDING GLASS / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

A Path

•Ishan Project: 314/51•



It was damp and cold. Yet, Aram needed to take a walk to clear her mind of all that’s happened this week. She throws a scarf around her shoulders as she exits the foyer. She then starts to calculate their next step. This current predicament was irritating to say the least.

But this feeling of defeat brought back memories of the time ChĂ»ndra would torment her at weeks on end. It was as though she were reliving the feelings of helplessness she felt so long ago.  It was ironic that with the few flowers that remained from Chaen’s heart, they would have the key to the antidote needed to combat this vapor. But we only have a few flowers on hand and ChĂ»ndra’s Vapor was becoming stronger than ever. We need to figure out how to take these few flowers to create a tincture to keep 4bear’s minds open, so that we’d be able free the rest of the world be4 it is too late.

A PATH / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

A Paradigm Sifting

•Ishan Project: 304/61•



 For weeks now they’d been studying her movements. The 4bearance watches this young woman as she plays her stereo. She displayed creative prowess with her fingers and her viewpoint had been so open. She would’ve been an exceptional candidate to join their team; more than worthy.

But regrettably, there wasn’t much that could be done for her at this point. The Bird Face Crew had already surrounded her modest home. 4bear watches in disgust as she succumbs to the affects of ChĂ»ndra’s vapor. She first shudders as it enters into her cerebellum. Then it’s absorbed throughout her body’s central nervous system.

Despite a new year beginning tomorrow, the right part of her brain, and her free will sifted into this dormant state.

A PARADIGM SIFTING / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

A Quiet Interlock

•Ishan Project: 299/66•



They begin trailing the Impostors, but Anali still was pained at the heart from seeing her parents. Before she turned this corner she turned back to take one last look. But as she sees them, she notices her mother no longer is slack jawed. Her mouth is now closed and focused. Despite her burns and agony it seems that she now is able to gather her energy to lock eye contact with her seed. Anali starts to feel the connection they once shared. It was as though her mom was infusing energy into her central nervous system.

A QUIET INTERLOCK / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


A Penetrating Silence

•Ishan Project: 298/67•

298penetrating silence


Preet had been wondering what had taken Anali so long to return. She traces her pulse up the stairway and sees her in the hallway laying down staring at an adjacent wall incased in glass.  As she gets near, she notices Anali shaking from shock. Once she turns, what she sees is unbelievable… Right before her eyes, Anali’s parents are trapped in this device. Their mouths hang low from being fossilized and neglected after so many years. Her mother had retained her beauty but her hair had been burnt badly from some trauma. She tries to strengthen Anali upright but she breaks away.  Anali begins to form an unstable electric charge which would blast away this glass encasement.  “Stop!” Preet yells. “We don’t know how long they’ve been trapped here and what affect this could have on their bodies. And the sound from the shattering glass will awaken the guards!  We’ll need to wait Anali, we now know their location.  Don’t worry, we’ll return with the rest of 4bear.”

“Watching them suffer hurts too much!”, Anali says.

Preet responds, “I know, but we don’t need to allow our emotions to get the better of us. Too much is at stake now. Not only the Ishan but mankind’s fate as well.”

At that moment they watch a herd of the Impostors’ fly pass them. Their buzzing noise resonated the air as they bounce drunkenly into the nearby walls.

“They’re flying to their hideout. We can’t waste any more time!”, Preet whispers loudly.  She tilts her head to the side as she watches Anali force her body away from the sight that lain before them. She knows it will require more than just her courage to keep her mind focused on the task that now lay ahead.

A PENETRATING SILENCE/ Mixed Media / 9″ x 12″

A Glimmer in Her Peripheral

 •Ishan Project: 297/68•

297aglimmer in her perepheral


They watched the drones exit the doors then Anali slid through an adjacent window. Once she crawls through the tight space, she notices a natural light cast a mysterious reflection on a wall nearby. She was amazed that despite the large amount of natural light coming in through the windows, the palace still remained very dark. She still would need to use caution so as not to be seen tracking through ChĂ»ndra’s new lair. Although her guards weren’t as plentiful as her last palace, they were definitely armed and trained for combat.

As she slowly climbs the staircase she first notices a familiar branch which had grown alongside the wall. She then searches for where it had originated. Something about the texture of this wood seemed so familiar to her. But it was as though there were two trees intertwined that had been growing. In the hallway, she sees a glass case. Once she laid her eyes on the source, the impact of what she saw knocked her to the ground.

A GLIMMER IN HER PERIPHERAL / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

A Habitat Made For Hiding

•Ishan Project: 296/69•



After finding the old eucalyptus where ChĂ»ndra’s mother was buried, we expected to find her hideout. Nothing. So, 4bear devised a scheme to gather a few of The Flowers that Feed to bait the creatures she created to mimic our True Birds, so that they will lead us right to her. As we watch them flutter around the few petals, their tiny tongues begin licking the nectar from the flower’s base. Once their appetites were satisfied, they slowly drift away into the shadows. We began following them from a safe distance. These moths fly haphazardly into surrounding objects in a drunken style inebriated by the nectar.

As they dive deeper into the cave’s empty darkness, their wings echo against its’ walls creating a soft buzzing noise. RĂŻden had been the closest to them, but he underestimated how slick the cave’s floor had been. He slipped and broke one of his left branches. Once he gathered his bearings, his gaze drifts in front of him to a dim light. “Is that a window straight ahead?” he asks us.

A HABITAT MADE FOR HIDING / Mixed Media / 9″ x 12″

A Portrait of Her Father Cloaked in Red

•Ishan Project: 290/75•



 He had thought the world of her. In their favorite spot, under the eucalyptus trees, he’d tell her of his love for her. But his insecurities made him feel as though he was never good enough. Over time, he’d allowed his obsessions to get the best of him. She had come from a measure of refinement in Ishandria. This didn’t matter to Vale though. She had fallen in love with his creativity and ingenuity.

This wasn’t enough for him. ChĂ»ndra’s father spent years studying, dissecting, and calculating a cure which would allow him to age like his beloved — gracefully.  Yet, his experiments turned him mad. She tried to reason with him. She’d been in love with him — his inner self. Not his outer flesh which eventually wrinkled.

But in his constant experiments his greater concern became more outstandingly apparent. What he truly sought was not only longevity, but power. He was fed up with the way the way common folk would look at him. He desired the superiority that should be given only to those who rightfully deserved it. He taught this to his only child. As the years progressed he’d feed on her desire for prominence. Her thirst for what belonged to her.



An Echo of Resistance

•Ishan Project: 285/80•



The Sower watches as this young lady (See DAY 282) struggles vigorously with ChĂ»ndra’s new vapor. This one will be successful with her resisting for today. But this wouldn’t be enough.

AN ECHO OF RESISTANCE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Pictorial Focus

•Ishan Project: 277/88•



Our findings have now revealed that the samples derived from its remains were an extinct larvae. But we’ve noticed that these larvae became “feeding machines”, adapting mostly for consuming food and growing in size. ChĂ»ndra bioengineered these specifically for the Flowers that Feed. However we wouldn’t just sit and allow the battle to come to us.  The 4bearance decided to go on the offensive.

PICTORIAL FOCUS / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

A Transient Calm

•Ishan Project: 268/97•



As ChĂ»ndra’s entourage left, we begin feeling a calm that made breathing seem pleasant. Netra had been one of the first to walk outside and smell the calmness in the air. The 4bearance had taken a hit with a number of tragedies recently, but we’d enjoy this momentary peace or calm before the storm.

A TRANSIENT CALM / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″


•Ishan Project: 266/99•



4bear feels confident that they’ve been able to make their goals in placing a hold on ChĂ»ndra’s plans. As a matter of fact, Jeth has reported that she had showed how desperate she had become by putting out a hit on him. It finally came to a point when The Birdface Crew had him cornered in a dark alley one day. Yet after some quick thinking and some cayenne pepper, he miraculously walked away from the situation.

CAYENNE / Gouache, Graphite, Color Pencil / 9″ x 12″

Her Sound of Failure

•Ishan Project: 265/100•



The laughter echoes across the wooden floor into the dense darkness. The sound then travels throughout the lush area then flutters on various wavelengths into the shadows of ChĂ»ndra’s palace. ChĂ»ndra hadn’t expected it to affect her this emotionally.  So much had gone wrong.  

She glances at the clock across from her. The digital clock read 02:06:05. Sleep had been impossible because the sound began reverberating itself in her mind. 

HER SOUND OF FAILURE / Gouache, Graphite, Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″

These Eyes Drip Water

•Ishan Project: 262/103•



The 4bearance couldn’t stand for her to be alone so they’ve tried curing her ailment. When she smells the flowers though, her eyes drip water and she leans away in disgust. She misses her vapor. Nothing could ever replace it.

She even made another attempt at harming Jess. This behavior was unacceptable.

After several attempts 4bear had to let her go. One day she disappears into the night in search of Chûndra in a desperate attempt to win back her favor.

THESE EYES DRIP WATER / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

Her Rising

•Ishan Project: 260/105•


There was no longer any use for her. Chûndra felt she served her purpose.  As this realization becomes more apparent over time, Violet becomes desperate, grasping for any residual of the vapor she could find.  She finds Cherry and his minion hidden in the dense darkness. He conceds to give her a portion, but once the vapor wears off and she returns, he threatens her to leave the premises.

Now she finds herself at a standstill. She leaves the 4bearance’s lair in search of some answer to her dilemma. Preet keeps a careful eye on this young one. She follows her as she begins walking alongside a jagged cliff…and trips.


HER RISING / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 8.5″

Poignant Release

•Ishan Project: 254/111•



Aram’s flower brushes softly against it’s beak as she lets the healing properties take their effect.

For years the Bird had been held captive by ChĂ»ndra’s vapor. Yet once Aram begins to heal it’s injured heart, an extraction is made which bleeds the poison speckled across it’s ruffled feathers. Once it opens it’s eyes again, a new day has begun. Now free from her control, it’s wings begin flapping with great intensity.

POIGNANT RELEASE / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 8.5″

The Death of the Sun-Eaters

•Ishan Project: 253/112•



Starving, this bird hadn’t had a decent meal in a long time, thanks to 4Bear. Jess was shocked how quickly it consumed the bushel of flowers. Immediately, it senses the papillae on the flowers of her left arm had come in contact with the seed. It’s right talon then slices into her dominate flower. She looks into his eyes at that moment, and sees something that resembles sorrow in them. The pain of his hunger was involuntary. It was bioengineered to be this way. It had to consume at this accelerated rate in order to squelch it.  As he begins to nibble on her flowers, the Bird senses her gaze. A connection is started between them as the erythromycin begins to destroy the sun eaters that cover his feathers.

Meanwhile,  Rïden and Koyu are building up an electromagnetic charge that starts sizzling through the air. Just as Jess breaks her gaze with the bird to tell Koyu to change plans, the electric charge stikes the bird. He cries out in agony. He struggles to flap his massive wings to try to get away but then abruptly slumps, falling to the ground. Although injured from the commotion, she bends over his  body and lays her right hand on its beak. Her heart sinks as she listens to its heart beat slowly then stop.

THE DEATH OF THE SUN-EATERS/ Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 8.5″


•Ishan Project: 250/115•



You can hear Preet’s limbs bend as the wind blows roughly across the hills of San Francisco. Brine’s plan to manipulate the Sun-Eaters was strategic. 4Bearance discuss their strategy as the fog begins to slowly creep into their peripheral. It will be easy to bait the bird, since there hasn’t been a field of flowers planted all together in a while. The bird must be pretty famished by now. So naturally, the first thing they will do is plant some seedlings grouped massively together. Then they will need to use the erythromycin to get rid of its cloak of light bending sun eaters. That will expose the Bird’s feathers making it visible. After that, there hopefully won’t be a problem catching it.

BEND / Gouache, Chalk, Graphite, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 8.5″

A Forced Conscience

 •Ishan Project: 248/117•



While the rest of 4bear’s routine returns to normal, Violet stays in the background. As clear as her objective is, today something feels a little off. To get rid of Jess she would need to do something subtle. Something that wouldn’t draw attention to herself. In the meantime, she tries to avoid her every chance she gets. She’d need to stay focused on her enemy despite her conscience plaguing her. Her gaze drifts down for an instance as she contemplates what she must next do.

A FORCED CONSCIENCE / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic / 5.5″ x 4″