A Contemptuous Scent

•Ishan Project: 272/93•



(Cont. from DAY 271) The noise had stopped entirely now. Then Aram alerts a Guardian to inspect this incident. Details generated through electric waves  have reported that the East Coast has now been affected. The holes seemed to have enlarged themselves and have spread to the plant’s root system. Aram, Netra, and Anali all watch in horror as the petals first fall. Then it seems as though it’s stamen begins to deteriorate, and we could no longer smell the fragrance. It’s sweet texture was replaced with a putrid scent.

A CONTEMPTUOUS SCENT / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″


•Ishan Project: 163/202•



(Cont. from DAY 162)  Looking back, it was a life of refuse.  Abused as a child, then taken in by Chûndra, negative thoughts and emotions is all she’d known.   She had been bred that way.  Now there was an opportunity to turn her efforts into something which was useful.  Would they accept her though?  She had hunted, tormented and slain so many…..

CONTRITE / Graphite, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

The Slayer Broken

•Ishan Project: 162/203•



When she was controlled by Chûndra she was taught that the Ishan were to be hated. They were to be hunted. They were to be harvested. For years her rage had blinded her conscience.  She felt that to be safe, humans had to control them. Now, her jealousy and hate were broken by the Ishan’s compassion for one another. It was amazing actually seeing the Ishan and the humans work together. The 4bearance’s efforts struck her in a way that was tangible. The humans were beginning to remember again, and their unwavering devotion to help each other seemed foreign. But it was inspiring to her.

THE SLAYER BROKEN / Gouache, Graphite, Colour Pencil / 10″ x 6″


•Ishan Project: 150/215•



Anali blasts Koyu for not finding her sooner. His arms extend wide as the branches from his tree begin enveloping her sorrow.  Grief, overwhelming frustration.  He calmly takes her into his chest as the foliage from her bough sheds it’s final leaf. In this bath, they will start anew.

BATH / Graphite, Colored Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

Drifting Awake

•Ishan Project: 149/216•



As she drifts to sleep her mind wanders, dreaming of a time they’d spent together. The caress of his lips brushing softly against her left temple pulling her out of the darkness of her slumber. Yet, this dream is incredibly real. So real, she can smell the fragrance coming from the flowers of his branches. Impossible!

As Anali Q slowly opens her eyes, she can’t believe that he’s been standing above her the entire time.  Waiting. Watching. Together.

DRIFTING AWAKE / Graphite, Gouache, Colored Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″


•Ishan Project: 148/217•



Buried in the folds of your mind you can tell there is something different about today…but what? Then we forget. A kind vapor has been oozing into the atmosphere in small doses over the past few years. It’s starting to permeate the crevasses of the earth. I’m not sure how long this has been happening.  We don’t know where its coming from yet. We are pretty sure, though, about who is behind it.


OOZE / Graphite, Oil Pastels / 3.5″ x 5.5″


•Ishan Project: 147/218•



Weighing on her mind are all of the last few years. The running, hiding, searching, and missing. She’s so tired now. All this time she hasn’t been able to rest. Not deeply. She closes her eyes to feel Koyu’s electromagnetic pulse. Comforted by the rhythm, she crosses her legs and leans her back against a tree.  “It won’t be long now,” rolls off AnaLi lips as she surrenders to her slumber.

REPOSE / Graphite, Colored Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

Grieving Shadows

•Ishan Project: 145/220•




(Cont. from DAY 136) Aram is tormented by the thoughts of her twin’s sacrifice.  Although his heart still beats his physical shell has decomposed.  She stares into the shadows grieving.  The light stayed on her back as the darkness continues to reach out for her throat.

GRIEVING SHADOWS / Graphite, Colored Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″