Your support has meant so much. Thank you!

For the closing reception we’ve made an extension of the $99 special for the Wearable Relic. For today only the Relic will still be at the $99 price. Come by the gallery and try one on at 820 Valencia St. today in the Mission District and I’ll show you how to place one of these beauties around your body. Were very close to the 25% were kickstarter will push this project closer to their front page Thanks everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of your support. Resist + Remember.







The TV Interview at KVOR on CBS’ Good Day Sacramento

Thanks so much KVOR on CBS’s Good Day Sacramento & Amy Carabba for the little fashion show we had this morning for the Wearable Art Kickstarter Project. Amy is so amazing and made us all feel so at home and relaxed. Especially with this being my first TV interview. Wow, we had such a great time!

So proud of my little models also. ^+^

For all of you unfamiliar with this project, please take a few moments to view the kickstarter at The vids only 2 mins. I’d love to hear your opinion. Pledges also start at $1. Thanks so much ahead.

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Thanks so much for a great year!

It’s unbelievable how fast the year has flown by! So much has transpired and despite Chûndra’s brief takeover, it’s been an absolute pleasure creating these daily images and documenting their story. The 4bearance and I would sincerely like to give each and everyone of you a special thanks for all of your support. Now that we’ve entered the final phase of our year long tale the 4th Element will have an opportunity to dictate how this story will continue. By liking, sharing and commenting, yes you: The Observers, have played a unique role. A Special thanks to all of you as our story continues… Resist & Remember.
Leah Smithson


We did it! Thanks to all of you!

I just want to thank everyone for supporting me at within the past two days. As you’ve noticed in our image, 141+ support/likes within two days has already helped push the Ishan Project onto the Miami Art Basel scene at SCOPE Miami Beach Art show. So this means that this project will now definitely be in the group show. Thank you so much again. It means a lot! XX

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A Twinkle After the Dark Sleep

•Ishan Project: 157/208•



“It felt like it was the worst fire in history,” Anali Q tells me.  “It started in East Sumatra and encompassed over 14,000 sq. miles. I’ll never forget that year…1982”

I notice her expression change as if her mind began to drift off.  Maybe she was reflecting on this tragedy.

“Leah, it was so devastating. You couldn’t imagine the screams echoing from my people.” I notice a tear roll down the corner of her eye. “Even though most of us were still buried underground and in a coma-like state, we could still feel the pain of the earth.”

“But this tragedy only made us stronger. What we didn’t realize is that the build-up of vegetation had actually prevented our seeds from germinating and stopped the growth of new trees. The result of the fire was that our species began to rejuvenate rather quickly. New flowers that hadn’t been polluted by Chûdra’s Sufna formula sprung up, and an entirely new pollination began. We survived, but also through this tragedy we learned a vital lesson.”

She turns to me now, dry eyed and firmly focused. “But I’m tired of telling stories today, Leah,” she says “now is a time for action.”

A PROFILE OF ANALI Q / Gouache, Graphite, Chalk / 5.5″ x 8.5″