•Ishan Project: 312/53•



The 4bearance watch her as she carefully walks into the room to showcase their last hope. We can’t help but hold our breath as Netra holds this heart close to her chest. Aram enters the room and sees the commotion. Her eyes ignite with admiration and sadness as she looks upon the life-giving organ of a heart from her brother.

Thinking back to the battle they just experienced with the Imposters, they now realize it was a carefully orchestrated attack from Chûndra. The pattern that was left on the floor by the moths made it obvious. Chûndra likes to leave her mark, just to rub it in. She will definitely not waste any time putting her plan into action now that she has defeated 4bear. It’s not looking good for us. But now with Chaen‘s heart, we have something we can work with. Even if Chûndra knows the origin of the original Flowers that Feed, 4bear has to try…at least until we figure out what to do next.

ANTIDOTE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″