IApril Atlanta Magazine feature 

Loving this month’s @atlantamagazine GOODS Clay Time section curated by @maryloganb featuring some amazing works including #talonandthesuneaters porcelain chain necklace. Don’t forget to check it out. 🤖


Atlanta Magazine feature


So honored that the latest Koyu Earrings were featured with new painting, ‘Wonderment’, in Atlanta magazines latest edition. #atlantamagazine @atlantamagazine! Get a closer look at the earrings on the website Talonandthesuneaters.com 

The Unordinary

•Ishan Project: 308/57•



Meanwhile, in an adjacent room, something had been bothering Netra. The tapping she’d heard last night really disturbed her.  Something unusual was happening. She summons a Guardian to accompany her as she returns to the laboratory for an inspection. But as they slide the door open she hears glass scratching the floor. Once open, she realizes that the bell jar had been smashed on the ground. There was also evidence that somehow this Impostor replicated itself. Several of its tiny hairs illuminated across the concrete floors.

As Netra curiously looks at the pattern they’ve created on the floor, she realizes that these creatures’ mind’s were not normal.

THE UNORDINARY / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


•Ishan Project: 280/85•



The Flowers had been entirely engulfed by the ferocious insect larvae. They had been feasting on its’ edible petals for several weeks now.  This was unusual since this species of insect tend to be in a dormant state this time of the year. But now, since so many people are unable to smell the flowers fragrance, they have find themselves more easily susceptible to Chûdra’s new scent.

One young woman witnessed the affect it had on many of her neighbors. She was terrified by what she was watching.  Her legs moved faster and faster away from the vapor but it wasn’t good enough. It then spread out like a thin gauze entrapping her and her family.  As the vapor dissolves the magnetic properties surrounding her dome, she slowly closes her eyes and succumbs to its’ influence.

SURRENDERED / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Her Sound of Failure

•Ishan Project: 265/100•



The laughter echoes across the wooden floor into the dense darkness. The sound then travels throughout the lush area then flutters on various wavelengths into the shadows of Chûndra’s palace. Chûndra hadn’t expected it to affect her this emotionally.  So much had gone wrong.  

She glances at the clock across from her. The digital clock read 02:06:05. Sleep had been impossible because the sound began reverberating itself in her mind. 

HER SOUND OF FAILURE / Gouache, Graphite, Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″