2016 Art Basel 




Art Basel Miami 2016 -The Art, Sights + Sounds of Wynwood Walls last night


A Few Photos From The 2013 Miami Art Basel

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to share a few pictures with you all from the 2013 Miami Art Basel. It was truly an honor to be included in this years show.
Leah Smithson


The Smell of Loyalty

•Ishan Project: 245/120•



Under her scrutiny she watches the Chemist as she mixes a new batch of her vapor. The ingredient was a new one laced with a hint of lavender. She then test it’s affects on her drones.

Initially, they seemed unaffected. Then slowly, one by one they begin clutching their sides while howling in agony. She hadn’t expected it to be this potent. She stares at them as they experience this pain. She almost feels something similar to sympathy for them. “But their sacrifice is only necessary,” she reasons to herself. She can’t afford to have another tragedy. She was so close to getting what she wanted and couldn’t risk them leaving.

THE SMELL OF LOYALTY / Gouache, Graphite / 5.5″ x 4″