On the easel today

On the easel today. Excited about this new work in progress.



‘Prism’ Oil & Acrylic on Wood 24” x 28”

Now hanging at @artshare_la

The ‘Living Oar’ ready for 🔥

The ‘Living Oar’ ready for 🔥 #workinprogress

Sculpting with New textures & colors

In the studio today experimenting with colored porcelain on some new sculptural pieces.

Digital Rendering at the Coffee shop

Working on some new pieces. In the meanwhile, This is a mural concept rendering at this coffee shop.

Sympathetic Strings

Sympathetic Strings(2017) [A Beautiful Decay Series]

Acrylic & Oil on Wood 36’’ ⭕️ Diameter

Unique Craft Fair and New Work

Excited this week to be prepping for a show in Santa Monica August 19, 20. @Uniquecraftfair #uniquela. I'll have new and limited release pieces available to those on the email list & visiting the show. Come by and take a closer look and feel of the jewelry along with some new work in person.

Disturbing Algorithm  (Remixed)

  • algorithmalgorithmDetail

Just read an amazing article that mentioned how color can affect your productivity by Talor Casti @thecoppergirl on @mashable. Even if you may have a favorite color, the effect of being around certain colors are universal. I’m putting together an experiment to try this week with my peeps on my email list. Come try it with us. It’s easy and fun. Sign up for the email list at leahsmithson.com (the link is in the profile)

Leah Smithson’s Wearable Art Kickstarter Launch Party Video

Here’s a short video of the Wearable Art Kickstarter Launch Party from Saturday night. We had such a great time. Thanks everyone for coming out to the show and all of your support. Resist + Remember. leahsmithson.com https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/303106924/wearable-art-that-restores-knowledge-of-a-forgotte


KOVR on CBS with Amy Carabba interview with Leah Smithson’s Kickstarter



Enjoy this quick fashion debut with Amy Carabba on Good Day Sacramento.

Also please feel free to contribute to the Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/303106924/wearable-art-that-restores-knowledge-of-a-forgotte

The RELIC That Saved The World & The SUN EATERS



I’ve been working with the 4bearance in getting out more scarves that have been painted with the dye from the Flower that Feeds. We’ve recently noticed that when coupled with Sun Eaters collected from Chûndra’s bioengineered bird that we captured, The flowers anti-vapor effect is much, much stronger. In fact, after being charged with light, you can see their power radiate when dark.

Here are a few pictures of these relics on some of our members of the 4bearance. We will have more information about their availability to everyone very soon. In the meantime don’t forget.

Resist + Remember

The Show and Your Opinion

Blank 19 copy

During the Ishan Project we discussed The Elements which combated Chûndra’s influence over mankind. Two of which are The Scarves (which fragrance clarified the minds of the wearer as well as those in the vicinity) and The 4th Element (You The Observer).

Now we find ourselves at a unique point in our story. Soon I’ll be bringing the project live to the streets of San Francisco in the form of an Art Show.  But first I’d love to hear your opinion. I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a series of scarves which will have one of the daily paintings of this series blended and painted on it’s surface. Which of the three would you vote to see featured? Saturday, April 26, of next week, I will be randomly selecting the name of one of the commenters to send a free print of the winning piece. All who’ve also shared or tweeted this post will also be given two opportunities instead of one. The winner will also be mentioned on my blog at www.leahsmithson.com/blog.html.  I’m really looking forward to hearing from you and I invite you to sign up for my newsletter at: http://www.leahsmithson.com/ishan-project.html. Resist and Remember.


Leah Smithson


In the Lab. Thanks for Your Inquiries

Some people have been asking what I’ve been doing since the last Ishan post. Just to let you know, I’ve been busily working on putting together a show and some exciting projects I’ll be letting you know about soon. In the meantime, thank you for all of the inquiries and support. Resist & Remember.




•Ishan Project: 352/13•



The Third Element was composed from Chaen’s Heart. The soft petals mixed wonderfully with the gouache paint but was also able to create a stimulating ripple in Chûndra’s plans throughout the year.  But once they combined with the three other core elements it would cause a catalyst which would stimulate the masses.

Although these positive effects happened, Netra couldn’t help but turn her back away from them. The water began to drip down her face and stained the scarf strapped around her torso. Memories from several years began flooding her memory. She struggled to control her emotions now realizing how close they’d become to the catalyst which would rip apart the Vapor’s influence.

GO / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


 •Ishan Project: 294/71•



(Con’t from Day 293) The factors that cause aging are still much of a mystery to science. The Ishan’s genetic code is not much different than human. Something in the Ishan’s genetic code tells it to continue with it’s normal adult function longer than the average human. Therefore, they tend to live longer. Human’s have that capacity as well.  We just can’t tap into it yet.

Anali continues, “There is a cave that goes deep in the earth. There, a tree grows in a dark cave, which is pretty remarkable because it’s able to grow in the dark. It’s sap has many healing properties for the Ishan. To humans though, it tends to have a fatal nature.

“Chûndra, very depressed, got lost one day. It actually was right before she ended our friendship. She found the tree and brought the sap back home. I think she knew what the sap was and the detrimental affect it would have on her. However, she took some anyway. When we found her, she was very sick to the point of death. In fact, her heart stopped for three minutes. We used our electromagnetic powers to stimulate it to start beating again. She lived, and continues living. And I have an idea her new place is by the old eucalyptus where her mother was buried.”

In addition to locating the eucalyptus where Chûndra’s mother was buried, the impostors pictured here also became an important factor in finding her location. They had been feeding the entire day when Preet stumbled upon them.

IMPOSTOR / Mixed Media / 8″ x 8.5″

Dwindling Lights

•Ishan Project: 283/82•



Dwindling lights fade into the shadows. Etched into their minds like carvings from ice sculptures, our young lady finds herself entranced by the slow rhythm created by the beating of raindrops heard outside.  In this one moment, she wouldn’t allow the distractions to overtake her. She gathered her bearings as she feels a confusion brewing in her heart. But the vapor wouldn’t overtake her like the others. She stayed focused—focused on a rhythm captured by her eardrum which anchored the inspiration she held so sacredly.

DWINDLING LIGHTS / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

A Gauze For Blinding

•Ishan Project: 279/86•



Once the haze spread rampant, a fractal pattern of the mind was disturbed. Years ago, a distinct spiral pattern of 137.5° was given the name: A Golden angle. This angle forms a compact arrangement that is extremely efficient in distribution of matter creating what people commonly refer to as a Fibonacci sequence. This sequence can be seen in a snowflake, a pattern of a shellfish, or in the circular shapes created from the petals of a flower.

This young lady was one of the first observed by Jeth who took on peculiar changes. She had been dancing by herself one night to a tune created by the rain outside when suddenly, like a gauze, a purple film began blinding her vision. It circled itself around her eyes first destroying the flowers waking effects. It then formed a vice grip around her neck, suffocating then reconditioning her to this new vapor.

Jeth had been watching in horror as her movements once again became robotic.


A GAUZE FOR BLINDING / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″


•Ishan Project: 269/96•



We end our day near the Embacaderro. We were curious to find out how the clarifying fragrance from the flowers that feed had affected those walking along the Wharf. There was a similar buzzing noise here as had been in the small town where Chûndra tested her vapor.  This buzzing had stopped a few days ago, but something was too still. We all have a sinking feeling in our stomach that something terrible is on the horizon.  In fact, Aram’s flowers’ glow bright red as she begins to sense the danger piercing violently through the air, but as far as we can tell, there is nothing there. We can’t waste time on paranoia. Right now we have to do as much as we can while we can. Something about this feeling is similar to an experience I had when I was eight years old.

INKLING / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

Her Rising

•Ishan Project: 260/105•


There was no longer any use for her. Chûndra felt she served her purpose.  As this realization becomes more apparent over time, Violet becomes desperate, grasping for any residual of the vapor she could find.  She finds Cherry and his minion hidden in the dense darkness. He conceds to give her a portion, but once the vapor wears off and she returns, he threatens her to leave the premises.

Now she finds herself at a standstill. She leaves the 4bearance’s lair in search of some answer to her dilemma. Preet keeps a careful eye on this young one. She follows her as she begins walking alongside a jagged cliff…and trips.


HER RISING / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 8.5″

Strange Lights

•Ishan Project: 257/108•



Watching the way Violet stands and walks away didn’t sit well.  Violet had been slightly rocking back and forth as if she were under the influence of something.  Once she leaves, Preet goes by the bay window she had been sitting at all afternoon. She notices the shape of her rear is still embedded in the leather cushions. As Preet gathers her limbs, she immediately sees the same two lights from a distance flashing back and forth.

STRANGE LIGHTS / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″


Through the Window Pane

•Ishan Project: 256/109•



“What was wrong with this young lady?” Preet wonders. She watches carefully as her smile falls dry and her emotions once again get the better of her. It seemed as though she’d been nervously snooping around the sanctuary also. Was she hiding from someone?

Joy had again been found in the 4bearance after being defeated so frequently recently. But instead of joining in their celebration Preet finds her focusing on something else. Others would come by her and she would smile as if everything was fine but once they left she notices Violet’s attention return outside the window.

 THROUGH THE WINDOW PANE / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

A Quiet Gaze

•Ishan Project: 255/110•



4bear has grown more than momentum now. Many seedlings have been planted and they have been made safe. The flowers that feed penetrated the atmosphere slicing through the dense darkness created by Chûndra. Mankind ‘s memory had begun to rejuvenate itself. An air of our own has a sweet scent; untainted and unaffected by her vapor.

A QUIET GAZE / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 8.5″

Poignant Release

•Ishan Project: 254/111•



Aram’s flower brushes softly against it’s beak as she lets the healing properties take their effect.

For years the Bird had been held captive by Chûndra’s vapor. Yet once Aram begins to heal it’s injured heart, an extraction is made which bleeds the poison speckled across it’s ruffled feathers. Once it opens it’s eyes again, a new day has begun. Now free from her control, it’s wings begin flapping with great intensity.

POIGNANT RELEASE / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 8.5″

The Death of the Sun-Eaters

•Ishan Project: 253/112•



Starving, this bird hadn’t had a decent meal in a long time, thanks to 4Bear. Jess was shocked how quickly it consumed the bushel of flowers. Immediately, it senses the papillae on the flowers of her left arm had come in contact with the seed. It’s right talon then slices into her dominate flower. She looks into his eyes at that moment, and sees something that resembles sorrow in them. The pain of his hunger was involuntary. It was bioengineered to be this way. It had to consume at this accelerated rate in order to squelch it.  As he begins to nibble on her flowers, the Bird senses her gaze. A connection is started between them as the erythromycin begins to destroy the sun eaters that cover his feathers.

Meanwhile,  Rïden and Koyu are building up an electromagnetic charge that starts sizzling through the air. Just as Jess breaks her gaze with the bird to tell Koyu to change plans, the electric charge stikes the bird. He cries out in agony. He struggles to flap his massive wings to try to get away but then abruptly slumps, falling to the ground. Although injured from the commotion, she bends over his  body and lays her right hand on its beak. Her heart sinks as she listens to its heart beat slowly then stop.

THE DEATH OF THE SUN-EATERS/ Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 8.5″


•Ishan Project: 252/113•



The bait worked of course. It finished it’s first meal. But it was still hungry. They listen to it sniff the air then track it’s claws across the floor in search of another flower.

Jess is aware it could strike at any moment now.  Yet as she backs away, she knows that this was her battle. She’d need to settle the score.

BAIT / Gouache, Chalk, Graphite, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 8.5″

Bird Catcher

•Ishan Project: 251/114•

251birdcatcherBIRD CATCHER

They’ve planted enough seedlings to give the Bird a snack without making it completely full. He breaks out of his stealth feverishly and sniffs the air. His insatiable hunger throbs the pit of his intestines to the point he treads through their lair uncontrolled. Meanwhile, the sun eaters remain intact around his talons leaving him undetected.

The Guardian could only hear his claws tap the floor searching desperately for its meal.  She watches anxiously as it snatches the first seedling. It disappears instantaneously. “The first phase of this plan is going well,” she thinks to herself. They would need to be extremely careful not to set things off.

BIRD CATCHER / Gouache, Chalk, Graphite, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 8.5″

The Smell of Loyalty

•Ishan Project: 245/120•



Under her scrutiny she watches the Chemist as she mixes a new batch of her vapor. The ingredient was a new one laced with a hint of lavender. She then test it’s affects on her drones.

Initially, they seemed unaffected. Then slowly, one by one they begin clutching their sides while howling in agony. She hadn’t expected it to be this potent. She stares at them as they experience this pain. She almost feels something similar to sympathy for them. “But their sacrifice is only necessary,” she reasons to herself. She can’t afford to have another tragedy. She was so close to getting what she wanted and couldn’t risk them leaving.

THE SMELL OF LOYALTY / Gouache, Graphite / 5.5″ x 4″