•Ishan Project: 365/0•



When the ground shook we all ran towards its source. We climbed the stairway and immediately saw Chûndra sitting in Netra’s chair. This explained the sudden movement of the ground. The magnetism she received dripped from her body like wet paint as she gripped the arms of the chair. She now understood the full nature of the Ishan’s powers, she could even feel her potential growing bright deep within her extremities. A Dark energy began pounding the ground. As she stood, her powers had reached their limits. She reaches out to strike 4bear with this new wave of electricity. As she began building momentum to release a sharp burst of energy, our ears began to ring. The only way I can describe it is as if 100,000 crystal bells were ringing all at once. We close our eyes as she released the massive ball of energy into our direction. All we could do was wait for the impact. There was no where to run.

At that moment, Rïden steps in front of us. He firmly fixes his gaze on the sphere of impending doom. Just as I hear the sizzle of Anali’s hair, I ,ever so slightly, opened one eye to find the ball suspended in mid air. Rïden was countering Chûndra with his control over her newfound powers. After all, they came from him.

Meanwhile, Netra and Aram make eye contact with The Forecaster. Immediately, he recognizes them. Although he and Chûndra had been outnumbered, his aim would offset any deficiency they encountered. He touches the scar on his face which was the painful reminder of the loss he had experienced. Then, in a fluid movement, he reaches back for his quiver, and his hood falls backwards. Instantly Olam Ra recognizes this face. “It’s YOU!” He screams. This shakes The Forecaster, but only briefly. He’d been waiting for this opportunity for too long. These two would be pinned properly. As he pulls the arrow back, Rïden and Koyu begin readying themselves for battle.

Chûndra just getting over the shock of her defeat, abruptly stops him. She says. “We’ve worked to hard to lose our senses. This is a losing battle. We need time to build our infrastructure. There will be other opportunities. Don’t worry.”

As they cautiously pace backwards, somehow Chûndra manipulates their cellular structure as a spiraling cloud wraps around them. Anali calls out to her, “Wait. It doesn’t have to end like this. We understand that you have gone through hardships. Better decisions should have been made. Why don’t we try to work it out?” Chûndra’s eyes peeked through the smoke, looking longingly at the family she never had. Then, something like lightning strikes the air in the small room which creates a mysterious cloud that quickly makes them disappear.

Now that the danger has left our lair, we tracked through each room to take inventory of the furniture built from Rïden’s limbs. Even though it had been a close call, they didn’t make it out with any of the pieces as far as we could see. Evidently, Chûndra and The Forecaster had searched through various rooms to locate her crown. Their attempts had been futile, though.

Outside, Spring leaves sprouted early this year. Slowly the effects of the Chûndra’s Sufna vapor are lessening. Chaen’s flowers pulsate to the same rhythm of the Ishan’s limbs. We propagated Chaen’s flowers with the blossom from Rïden’s furniture.

True birds that fly high have aided in this renewal as our atmosphere improves as well. Since spring is close, they will have the help of all of the insects and animals that naturally help with pollination. Then all plants will soon have the capacity to filter the air from Sufna. This coupled with our scarves has greatly strengthened the healing power of the flowers that feed.

Looking back at the past 365 Days, so much has happened. As The 4th Element, you, the Observers, and 4bear have managed to keep the world from total submergence under Chûndra’s Vapor. Thank you. Even though we have won the battle, we still have our work cut out in order to win this war. Opportunities will present themselves. Stay tuned. Don’t forget. Resist + Remember.

ANEW / Mixed Media / 9″ x 12″


Ishan Project: 327/38•



Shattering, then a crash. She can now feel the open air blow gently across her face. Glass chips float around them as they fall slowly from the chamber they’d been trapped in for centuries. Her limbs instantly sprout as the brilliant sunlight from above softly caress them.  But it was so difficult to move. Muscle atrophy from so much inactivity has caused her movements to remain restricted. Rïden and Koyu carry them out.

Meanwhile, Chûndra lay dazed from this unknown substance which trumped her nano-tech. Defeated. The realization of what just transpired was crushing to her soul. She sunk to her knees as she witnessed her life’s work, put together over centuries, being destroyed right in front of her eyes. She even feels the energy from her crown slowly dwindle. How could she have reacted so slowly? Somehow they’d managed to temporarily decommission her Triton clan as well. But she senses Violet calmly watching from a corner of the room. A dark energy had been brewing within her. Chûndra noticed a slight change in her recently, but now she has a feeling that this attack by 4bear will make it manifest.

DESCEND / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Pierce II

•Ishan Project: 311/54•

311pierceii 2


She walks into the lab to inspect Violet. Violet’s larvae shed their layers to expose her face. Violet then nods towards her which confirms their plans have been successful. 

Grinning to herself, she couldn’t help but gloat a little. It seemed as though everything had been going exactly as planned. Chûndra relishes in all of the activity that’s happened within the past few months. This world, she’s influenced has been strategically maneuvered according to her desire. Obliterating those troublesome flowers was more than an accomplishment.

Days earlier, Chûndra’s minion sensed 4bear‘s presence in her palace before they entered.

“It was too easy.” she whispers to her droids. “They actually felt that they could control my creation. I bet they’re just now realizing I manipulated them the entire time.”

PIERCE II / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

An Emptied Procession

•Ishan Project: 309/56•



Their tongues begin licking the air as they search for some trace of its trail.  Their flight pattern edged towards the metal case for an opening. Yet none was found. This wouldn’t perturb them however. It’s antennae rub together feverishly then it spits out this acid which pierces through the thick metallic walls. Once inside it feeds drunkenly on the remaining flowers.

As the last flower is devoured, the air outside grew stiff.

4bear first acknowledged this change when the ground shook violently.  This was no ordinary quake.  Netra then watches angrily as these little creatures fly past her.

AN EMPTIED PROCESSION / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″