Mural at Angel City Brewery

May 26 I’ll be painting a mural ⚡️LIVE⚡️at Angel City Brewery during their Heritage Festival and ✨YOU✨ will have the opportunity to participate in the creation…

The first 150 people that come to the event will be able to take an egg filled with pigment and write their latest concern, failure, or worry on the egg and at a scheduled time, we will all throw our eggs against the wall of the mural. So together we will put away all of those frustrations and make something beautiful out of it as I’ll incorporate the colored pigment thrown at the wall into the design of the mural.

There will also be a live band, great food and other surprises. Hope to see you there!


12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Angel City Brewery

216 Alameda St.

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Unofficial After Party

Come join me @artshare_la for @laartshow after party and closing reception for our All Stars show. It is FREE to attend! There will be 2 DJs @azul213 @djfrancescaharding, and a cash bar available with cocktails from @mulhollanddistilling & @qmixer and beer from @pabstblueribbon.

Appreciating the small things in life that give us joy

I have a some fun new projects coming up related to appreciating the small things in life that give us joy. Here’s a quick timelapse of a sketch, including the,✨ #vectorearrings ✨, that I possibly will develop into a painting or sculpture later.

Appreciating the small things in life that give us joy

I have a some fun new projects coming up related to appreciating the small things in life that give us joy. Here’s a quick timelapse of a sketch, including the,✨ #vectorearrings ✨, that I possibly will develop into a painting or sculpture later.

Sculpting with New textures & colors

In the studio today experimenting with colored porcelain on some new sculptural pieces.

A Crown that Bleeds “ii”

A Crown that Bleeds “ii”

Digital Rendering at the Coffee shop

Working on some new pieces. In the meanwhile, This is a mural concept rendering at this coffee shop.

Feeling inspired in Peru & Parts of a painting

Feeling inspired while walking Peru tonight

Sympathetic Strings(2017) [A Beautiful Decay Series]

Acrylic & Oil on Wood 36’’ ⭕️ Diameter

Sympathetic Strings

Sympathetic Strings(2017) [A Beautiful Decay Series]

Acrylic & Oil on Wood 36’’ ⭕️ Diameter

Unique Craft Fair and New Work

Excited this week to be prepping for a show in Santa Monica August 19, 20. @Uniquecraftfair #uniquela. I'll have new and limited release pieces available to those on the email list & visiting the show. Come by and take a closer look and feel of the jewelry along with some new work in person.

A Gradual Trounce

•Ishan Project: 362/3•



“I don’t get it,” Chûndra says as she turns to Netra from her cell’s window. “How is it that you became so powerful with Rïden’s branches but when I wore the crown made from Aram’s stems, I could never get as much power?”

“It’s love,” Netra replied.

“What does that mean?” Chûndra asked.

“Our bodies are made with flesh and blood but they are also composed of a chemical components. Whenever we feel emotion, that emotion is tangible, a biochemical.”

“I don’t understand how that’s related,” Chûndra retorts.

“When Rïden gave me his branches, he did it out of love. That love flowed through his limbs as he cut each piece with accuracy, which caused them to retain all of their magnetic capabilities.  So the energy captured in each branch that he used to assemble into many pieces of furniture, was extremely potent.”

“But how did I receive power from Aram?”

“Her love for her family and her willingness to sacrifice herself to keep her family’s cover from being blown is what helped her limbs retain some of their magnetism. But the feeling of pain flowed through her limbs. So the power retained in her stems under your torture and suffering could never be as strong. She could never give them to you wholeheartedly.”

As Chûndra quickly turned her eyes toward the window, I saw light refracted through some substance on her cheek. A tear, which she slyly used her shoulder to wipe away before anyone noticed.

A GRADUAL TROUNCE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Watchful Guardians

•Ishan Project: 323/42•



“So what you’re saying,” I asked, “is that the Ishan had been wakened by the magnetism from the earth’s atmosphere?”

“Right,”she answers.”Yet, we also selected several humans to join the 4bearance. These individuals had come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from common farmers, powerful poets and artists. A few came from wealthy backgrounds as well.

Waking the Ishan was a gradual process however. So, across the planet, we collectively laid the rare and precious salt deep down in the earth.  The Guardians protected these minerals until the next solar flare in 1988.”

WATCHFUL GUARDIANS / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

A Wandering Psyche

Ishan Project: 313/52•



Violet shivers as the larvae cover her face. It was terribly uncomfortable at first, but now she’s used to them. In fact, they make her feel loved. Something she never really got but always craved from Chûndra. It was wonderful when their plan of attack on the remaining seedlings became successful. That was the closest she ever received any kind of acknowledgment from Chûndra. But maybe it was too successful. Chûndra tried throwing Violet away before. It took giving up every shred of dignity to prove to Chûndra that she would be loyal. And this is why she had volunteered her body. Chûndra would only tolerate her presence once she’d experimented on her successfully and linked her mind and body with the bioengineered insects. But what will Chûndra do with her now? Those who aren’t productive in her dominion, she begins to see as liabilities. And she’s not sentimental enough to keep any liabilities around her. 

All of these thoughts begin bearing down on Violet’s conscience and she no longer feels whole anymore.  Her psyche is no longer hers and now becomes divided. Though she had good intentions, she’s becoming a product of her worst imagination.

A WANDERING PSYCHE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Pierce II

•Ishan Project: 311/54•

311pierceii 2


She walks into the lab to inspect Violet. Violet’s larvae shed their layers to expose her face. Violet then nods towards her which confirms their plans have been successful. 

Grinning to herself, she couldn’t help but gloat a little. It seemed as though everything had been going exactly as planned. Chûndra relishes in all of the activity that’s happened within the past few months. This world, she’s influenced has been strategically maneuvered according to her desire. Obliterating those troublesome flowers was more than an accomplishment.

Days earlier, Chûndra’s minion sensed 4bear‘s presence in her palace before they entered.

“It was too easy.” she whispers to her droids. “They actually felt that they could control my creation. I bet they’re just now realizing I manipulated them the entire time.”

PIERCE II / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

An Emptied Procession

•Ishan Project: 309/56•



Their tongues begin licking the air as they search for some trace of its trail.  Their flight pattern edged towards the metal case for an opening. Yet none was found. This wouldn’t perturb them however. It’s antennae rub together feverishly then it spits out this acid which pierces through the thick metallic walls. Once inside it feeds drunkenly on the remaining flowers.

As the last flower is devoured, the air outside grew stiff.

4bear first acknowledged this change when the ground shook violently.  This was no ordinary quake.  Netra then watches angrily as these little creatures fly past her.

AN EMPTIED PROCESSION / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


 •Ishan Project: 307/58•



4bear only had a limited amount of time to search for a solution to this situation. Their remaining flowers’ were dwindling at an accelerated rate. One of the last few had been used to awaken Preet back in Chûndra’s lair. And so they placed the final remnant in a magnetic steel frame.

Back in their lab, the Impostor lays before them with its’ wings beating so rapidly, they had to restrain it with metal forceps.

But something strange begins to happen. First it’s hairy fibers begin glowing. Then from it’s antennae a sharp burst of yellow energy pierces the room. Their vision glows blurry as this sonar resonates throughout their ear canals. As a last resort, Aram’s flower sends an electric charge which slices it in half. Once they’ve recovered from the echo reverberating around them, they notice the insects wings no longer beat. But they couldn’t spare any more unnecessary tactics from Chûndra tonight. They placed the moth delicately inside of a glass bell jar to inspect more thoroughly tomorrow.

As they began to leave, Netra turns to Aram suddenly and asks, “Did you hear that?”

“No mom,” Aram says. “I didn’t hear anything. Did you?”

“Hmm, it must’ve just been my imagination.”

They then click the lights off and retire from an exhausting day.

SWARM / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″


•Ishan Project: 300/65•



A putrid smell became more apparent as they continued cautiously down the hallway. This scent along with the motion they heard behind this laboratory door where the Impostors had been flying was more than disturbing. As they watch them fly into the shoot, their flexible bodies shed a green substance which oozes down the door.

Inside, they could see the flying insect’s motions more clearly now. They fly around in their drunken fashion in a circle over a structure which resembled a chair. But this structure seems to inflate and deflate, pulsating as if it were drawing strength from the energy found inside of the Moth’s belly. As Anali and Preet quietly move in closer, they watch in terror as the structure arches to the side, and then forms itself upright. It was now evident what this structure was. It not only served as a hive for the Impostors, but there was a symbiotic relationship they had with some life form underneath. Suddenly they noticed, the larvae from its’ dome begin to creep backwards forming structures like scales. This leaves a hole in the dome, revealing a soft complexion of a young woman’s face.

“No, it can’t be!” Anali whispers. “Violet. Why?”

PEER / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8.5″


 •Ishan Project: 293/72•



I watched as Jess turn abruptly to Anali while she was relaying this story to say, “So you’re saying that Chûndra’s mother is from Ishandria. Does that mean Chûndra is part Ishan?”

“Not exactly.” Anali replied, “Chûndra’s Great Grandmother was related to the Ishan somehow, but I’m not sure of all the details. Chûndra was pretty much human. Except for one thing…”

POCKET / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Collapsed Petals

•Ishan Project: 291/74•



He’d never let her in to his private quarters. He didn’t want her to find what his secret experiments entailed. So for years, Vale remained patient. Trusting him. Allowing him privacy.

Every day she would sit and watch the world from underneath their eucalyptus tree. She decided to allow herself to be excited about his experiments and his goals. If his experiments will work it would be worth whatever time she had been waiting. Even though weeks and months would pass by when he wouldn’t leave his lab, that would be such a small time in comparison to the time they would have ahead…If—no—when his experiments worked.

Then she realized he was experimenting on himself. He was so sick. He wouldn’t let her help him. Each year that would pass, her heart would tear a little more and a little more, as she watched him destroy himself. Finally, when news had spread throughout Ishandria that her husband, without her knowledge, had been performing ‘experiments’ to create a hybrid species of bird, Vale realized that none of that obsession was really about them and their life together as a family. It was about himself. His insecurity. He had forgotten all about her. She wasn’t important to him. And he wasn’t going to change. Chûndra watched her one day as she withered from a torn septum. Her grief had been so tangible it was as though the petals from her flowers slowly collapsed themselves over her lips.

COLLAPSED PETALS / Mixed Media / 5″ 9″

Two Hemispheres

•Ishan Project: 284/81•



The Sower has been watching this takeover. She well knows the losses this world has seen due to Chûndra, and that the scales would need to be changed. She can offer her assistance.

She delicately holds one of the remaining seedlings in her arms. Rïden, Netra, Aram, Anali and Koyu form a circle around her enhancing her powerful ability. This power generates a charge which electrifies her extremities causing a split in the earth’s atmosphere. She feels her body begin to divide itself gradually into two hemispheres. The world around her takes a spin, now. She then hears the waters from the Pacific start to navigate through her interiors, and she concentrates on this sound. Glimmering light from the Sun beams brightly on her garments, which then create a pattern similar to a crocheted garment.

 TWO HEMISPHERES/ Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

A Guardian Transformed

•Ishan Project: 270/95•



Sometimes as we grow up, the puzzle pieces of our memories begin to come together to form a new reality. Or rather, put in focus the actual reality we live in. When I think back to that night, I remember the eerie feeling that shadow in my backyard stirred in me. Little did I know how the perspective on the world around me would change from that day onward. (See DAY 73)

Now, everything is coming together. That day, Rïden had been chased by a Triton assassin. A Guardian had saved him from injury that night. However, he’d been transformed. That eerie feeling I experienced back then is the same feeling I begin having now.

As we all gaze at the horizon, now, the sun begins to set. At that moment, a new sound begins. Something unusual. Something that we know will change the very fabric of society.

A GUARDIAN TRANSFORMED /  Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

Laughter In The Horizon

•Ishan Project: 264/101•



As Chûndra gets closer to the young one, she grabs her purse and snatches a vial laced with a stronger dose of her sufna formula she’s been trying on some of the citizens of this small town. This wouldn’t take long, but…then she notices something that disturbs her. He’s laughing. In this small town where she has been testing out her vapor, no one laughs—as long as the vapor is working properly. What she sees next infuriates her. Somehow this little boy found a piece of chalkboard with chalk, and he’d been drawing something from his imagination. This is a threat. Only people with free will have an imagination, and no one in this town should have free will. She looks toward the horizon as she realizes that somehow those irritant flowers had affected more than the Western Hemisphere.

LAUGHTER IN THE HORIZON / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

Designed Chemical Love

•Ishan Project: 219/146•



Our bodies form a biochemical that runs through our veins and communicates with the rest of our body when we love. Chûndra can only trusts the chemicals she creates. Take for example this Triton: Kalese.

Overlooked from her youth like The Slayer, she’d been taken in by Chûndra. Chûndra became the mother she never had.  She revered Chûndra’s work. She studied and practiced her style. She amplified her disgust for the Ishan. And she implemented her control over the BFC. She loved her, but Chûndra would never (excuse me could never) completely trust independent love. There would need to be insurance. She can’t rely on another to be loyal of free will. She only trust herself and her chemical influence. Love or at least loyalty by chemical design. She poisoned the daughter she never had slowly. In return, she slows the aging process of Kalese, as she has done for herself.

For Kalese, there’s no need for a muzzle. The vapor has embedded itself in every tissue of her body, and flows freely through her bloodstream. Her loyalty is inextricably voluntary and involuntary.

But now news has reached the palace that a defector, a renegade has betrayed them. She’d find this traitor promptly and inform her mistress of her devotion. She, no doubt, will be rewarded well.

 DESIGNED CHEMICAL LOVE / Gouache, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 8.5″

A Scouring of the Plume

 •Ishan Project: 215/150•

215ARAM 1


The Guardian had been running through the fields when a huge gust of wind knocked her down. When her face hit the muddy tracks left behind, she looked up to find another feather. The fog broke and sunlight gazed through the clouds. Now she was able to see more detail. She first notices that a substance is gliding across the feather’s soft texture. She grabs a leather satchel from her belt to obtain this evidence.

Once Aram inspects the substance, it’s confirmed that The Sower’s suspicions were accurate.  The sun-eaters had been a hybrid form of Cyanobacteria.

 A SCOURING OF THE PLUME / Acrylic, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 4″


•Ishan Project: 212/153•

212asphyx 1


At dusk, Jeth looks up at the sky and notices the moon turned an eerie orange hue from the town’s vantage point. It’s shape was warped as if it were moving through a lava lamp. The humidity in the air was electric also snapping at unexpected intervals.

Around the small town everything seemed normal on the surface. But if you looked closely you’d notice that everyone walked with a ‘tick’.

Chûndra sends more soldiers out to capture him. Although his attempts have seemed to fail, he remains undercover in this town away from everyone’s sight. As the Vapor oozes outside of the city however, he must wear a mask to avoid contamination.

ASPHYXIATED / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

Watchful Shadows

•Ishan Project: 209/156•



All that would be left of us would be shadows of what we used to be, and we wouldn’t even know it. That’s why the guardians are frustrated with grief. They know that if they can’t figure out how the seed is disappearing, the face of the world will change drastically, so they make sure someone is there to watch the crops all day long. They have six shifts of five hours each. The shorter shifts ensure that the Guardian on-duty is alert at all times. The overlap between shifts is there just in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, this still hasn’t been working. Somehow seed still goes missing right in front of their eyes as they are watching. Therefore, to figure out how the seed’s disappearing, traps would need to be set. But what kind?

WATCHFUL SHADOWS / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

Bind For A Fall

•Ishan Project: 205/160•



(Con’t from day 204) As the pollen from the flower travels through her sinuses, they find the molecules from Chûndra’s chemical vapor to bind with it. For this nano-tech had been suppressing this young girl’s grey matter. As the pollen binds with the tiny chem-robot, her body recognizes it as a toxin and is able to overcome it, removing it from her frame. Rheum falls as petals from her eyes. It’s apparent she can begin to focus. Her complexion changes as she pins her hair up and looks over her shoulder…

BIND FOR A FALL / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

A Crown Transfixed

•Ishan Project: 198/167•


Chûndra hears that the 4bearance has discovered a cure for her chemical vapor. They’ve also found a way to persevere despite her efforts to uproot the seedlings. It’s nighttime now. She’d have other worries tomorrow. As her drones put away her crown and fix her hair for the night, her eyes stay transfixed on that crown the entire time, as a reminder. It keeps her focused on what she must do.

A  CROWN TRANSFIXED / Gouache, Acrylic, Color Pencil, Graphite / 3.5″ x 5.5″


•Ishan Project: 196/169•



The 4bearance had immediately gripped her, like a wrench tightly around her neck. She wanted to hesitate, but it was unlike anything she’d ever experienced.  It’s something about it was so attractive.  It’s people so unselfish.

As her eyes became opened she could feel a slow rhythm begin to pulsate in her through her body, moving her to action.

Despite Chûndra’s consistent efforts to oppress us, the 4bearance continues to gain momentum, and is now building a true foundation.

WRENCH / Gouache, Acrylic, Color Pencil, Graphite / 3.5″ x 5.5″

Electric Dexterity

•Ishan Project: 195/170•



Despite Chûndra’s harassment, some seed from the 4bearance’s crop grow at an accelerated rate.  Netra has now discovered how her electric current can stimulate the earth’s soil producing a hybrid offspring.  The limbs from these seedlings swing low initially, however their boughs would soon point heavenward.

ELECTRIC DEXTERITY / Gouache, Color Pencil, Graphite / 3.5″ x 5.5″

Order and The Pursuit

•Ishan Project: 194/171•



The disappearing seeds remained an ongoing phenomenon.  The Guardians had tried vigilantly to keep watch over the fields. However an enemy, a thief kept intervening and removing their lush crop. After the third occurrence, the 4bearance initiates a covert Ishan skilled and equipped to track this fiend.

She’s on their trail now. Although their hearts never beat, she knew other ways to detect and trap them in their own game.

ORDER AND THE PURSUIT / Gouache, Color Pencil, Graphite / 3.5″ x 5.5″