Appreciating the small things in life that give us joy

I have a some fun new projects coming up related to appreciating the small things in life that give us joy. Here’s a quick timelapse of a sketch, including the,✨ #vectorearrings ✨, that I possibly will develop into a painting or sculpture later.

Appreciating the small things in life that give us joy

I have a some fun new projects coming up related to appreciating the small things in life that give us joy. Here’s a quick timelapse of a sketch, including the,✨ #vectorearrings ✨, that I possibly will develop into a painting or sculpture later.

Stop passively living life: Behind the art of Leah Smithson, Documentary

“Stop passively drifting thru life…Create the the life you wish with the Art as the catalyst…” Watch the full length video.👇🏼 Directed and filmed by the talented Daniel Beyer @daenielbeyer

The ‘Living Oar’ ready for 🔥

The ‘Living Oar’ ready for 🔥 #workinprogress

A Crown that Bleeds “ii”

A Crown that Bleeds “ii”

Digital Rendering at the Coffee shop

Working on some new pieces. In the meanwhile, This is a mural concept rendering at this coffee shop.

Feeling inspired in Peru & Parts of a painting

Feeling inspired while walking Peru tonight

Sympathetic Strings(2017) [A Beautiful Decay Series]

Acrylic & Oil on Wood 36’’ ⭕️ Diameter

Unique Craft Fair and New Work

Excited this week to be prepping for a show in Santa Monica August 19, 20. @Uniquecraftfair #uniquela. I'll have new and limited release pieces available to those on the email list & visiting the show. Come by and take a closer look and feel of the jewelry along with some new work in person.


•Ishan Project: 364/1•



Violet met her end. This meant Chûndra’s palace no longer was under her control, but we can’t just let Chûndra back into her palace. Even though we all hope that the knowledge of  Anali and her parents as  her family will cause her heart to open a little so she stops all the madness, we still can’t trust her. Her greed is too ferocious of an appetite.

We were discussing how we should deal with her as we returned. Preet had been left behind to patrol Chûndra while she lay dormant in her cell. As Koyu went in to check on her, he found Preet entirely unconscious. Somehow Chûndra managed to escape.  As Aram looked closer, she noticed several splintered arrows which pierced the deadbolt locks.  She would recognize those arrows anywhere. They were the same ones that took the life of her brother.

“The Forecaster? Where does he come from anyway?” asked Jess.

“He’s a mysterious creature. All we know is that he is Ishan, but we haven’t figured out his story yet,” Rïden explained.

At that moment, Netra heard a low tapping in the distance. “That’s right! Chûndra wouldn’t leave here without her crown. And what if she gets her hand on Rïden’s furniture?!” At that moment, the ground began to shake…

TREMOR / Mixed Media / 8″ x 11″

Thanks so much for a great year!

It’s unbelievable how fast the year has flown by! So much has transpired and despite Chûndra’s brief takeover, it’s been an absolute pleasure creating these daily images and documenting their story. The 4bearance and I would sincerely like to give each and everyone of you a special thanks for all of your support. Now that we’ve entered the final phase of our year long tale the 4th Element will have an opportunity to dictate how this story will continue. By liking, sharing and commenting, yes you: The Observers, have played a unique role. A Special thanks to all of you as our story continues… Resist & Remember.
Leah Smithson



•Ishan Project: 360/5•



When the glass burst, Chûndra sustained only minor injuries: a concussion, glass shrapnel abrasions and minor bruises were the only physical damages noticed. True Birds carried her back to our lair.  After a violent tantrum, 4bear managed to sustain her inside of four walls covered by tarp derived from the N-oid tincture. Her energies began to wain a bit. Yet, her powers were restoring, thanks to her crown.

She rolled the magnetic energy between her fingers, harnessing the power in her tiny cell. A smirk moved across her face she caught sight of Aram. Aram glared back at her, remembering the torture Chûndra put her and her family through. And all because of Chûndra’s greed for power. As Anali walks in the room, she notices their exchange. “Take her crown Aram,” Anali says, “After all, she stole it from you anyway, and we can’t afford for her to break free. The less power she has at this point, the better.”

“It would be my pleasure,” Aram replies warmly.

She enters the cell and instantly a sharp burst of negative energy strikes Aram in the chest. Chûndra begins to rise, but Aram is prepared. Her flowers pulsate rhythmically and the kinetic energy from Chûndra’s blast is reversed upon contact with Aram’s body. When the impact strikes, Chûndra’s body falls suddenly. Unaffected by this minor altercation, Aram reaches down and snatches the crown away from her. Then, she carefully steps over Chûndra’s body towards the exit.

She couldn’t help but look back at the cell’s glass fixture to find Chûndra glaring at her. Aram innocently smiles back at her. Even though we have secured Chûndra, the 4bearance and the rest of the world still has a major problem, in the shade of Violet, which needs to be resolved.

ARC / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Clipped Wings

•Ishan Project: 354/11•



The moisture in the air ceased, but the Impostors remained active.  They no longer floated in the air wandering aimlessly. Violet’s control over them remained permanent. Using the same method she used to forge a biological connection to the Impostors, Violet managed to win absolute authority over the rest of the Tritons as well. Chûndra attempted to regain control over her Palace but failed miserably. “She’ll love me for this later. This is for her own good. Her resolve has become too weak and she needs me now. Even if she doesn’t realize it,” Violet thinks to herself. To “protect” her, Violet proceeds to lock Chûndra in the north wing of her palace.

As Violet sits on the throne, the Impostors’ larvae pulsated vibrantly around her extremities. She begins to realize that the only thing she hasn’t taken control of at this point is Chûndra’s crown.  This was not a good day for the Conformance. Confusion abounded.

 CLIPPED WINGS / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Core Elements

•Ishan Project: 350/15•



The 4bearance’s foundation consists of 4 key members: Rïden, Netra, Koyu and Anali Q. Each member has perfected the use of their own unique energy soma. These energies would have to be harnessed in unison to stop Violet’s destruction. It’s evident now that she no longer is under Chûndra’s control but has gone rouge. The impostors no longer crawled over her but were now used as instruments or tools of terror.

Preet begins to reason with Rïden that he’d need to construct new elements that would help the True Birds’ cross pollination. This would be one of four core main ingredients in an effort to combat her deadly intent.

CORE ELEMENTS / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

A Loving Stupor

•Ishan Project: 348/17•



Again, as the vehicles pass by, their smoke is released in the air. Then Chûndra’s new poison sprinkles down like snow flurries. However we hadn’t counted on how quickly this spread had become. We all watch from afar as her next victim’s stare becomes glazed over. What can we do now? If we storm into Chûndra’s palace again, it’s not like it will fix anything. The Sufna formula has already been shipped off all over the world. If we approach the petroleum companies, they’ll laugh in our faces. By the time we prove what effect the additive Chûndra gave them has on people, it will be too late. Besides, by now they’re probably being controlled by her anyway. We’re going to have to figure out how to negate the effects of her ingredient ourselves.

In the meantime, we’ve been hearing that Violet started to take on new features which Chûndra is finding difficult to control.

A LOVING STUPOR / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Bare Thought

•Ishan Project: 341/24•



Resistance is pointless. After tomorrow, the vapor will be shipped all over the world, and there’s nothing you can do about it. 4bear still doesn’t know how I have been administering it. Don’t worry, I have no reason to keep it a secret. I will just tell you. Then you will know how unprofitable resisting it will be.

Think. Besides food shelter, and clothing, what commodity does this world revolve around? I find it amazing how the ‘powers that be’ have caused this world to be dependent on something which is unnecessary for sustaining life, oil. In my studies of the Ishan’s branches, I found they have an amazing ability to not only cause amnesia by neutralizing brain cells, but there are properties in their branches that are very adept at neutralizing emissions as well. Marketing my vapor as an additive to gasoline companies was a perfect stratagem. People use gasoline everywhere, and wherever gasoline is used, my beautiful, peace giving Sufna formula will be dispersed. Oh, and Anali, please thank our father for making all this possible. ~ Queen Chûndra

BARE THOUGHT / Collage, Gouache / 9″ x 12″


•Ishan Project: 339/27•



As I walked downstairs today, I noticed Violet watching me. I’ve allowed her genetically modified bugs to give her a certain amount of power. I really don’t mind others having power – as long as I can control it. I still have to keep her on a short leash.  

She’s been comforting me, recently. It has given me a measure of solace, but it also disturbs me. It reminds me of the fact that she isn’t fully under the Vapor’s influence. But don’t be confused; she is still completely under my influence.  Kind specimen….I’ve given her the gift of a bioengineered body that took me years to develop. She is the first. If some of you are fortunate, you could be next. Everyone needs a purpose. I have plans that make room for all. There are positive aspects to being cold as concrete. Chemical love is underrated. Relationships are much simpler and people, more useful. I used to receive comfort from Kalese, but now Violet is making herself a decent substitute. 

—Your Noble Servant and Queen, Chûndra

CONCRETE / Collage / 24″ x 24″

Veil of Platitude

•Ishan Project: 337/28•




“I’ve been a victim of circumstance, and I never have gotten the chance to give my side of the story. If I don’t take over, no one will know the truth. Leah has told enough of the Ishan’s side of things. Poor misguied thing, this woman doesn’t understand what I’ve been trying to do. No one really does. I’m not angry. I’ve actually been quite amused. It’s cute. All the kicking and flailing against me when all I’m trying to do is save you all. All my research, all the hard work that I have done has been for your good. It gives one peace. Despite the lies she tells, Sufna is beneficial. It gives you peace. Don’t resist. It gives all peace.

The feeling is hypnotic. Even your pupils dilate rhythmically.  I will show you all what it feels like to experience the light, light from me.”

—Chûndra, Queen of Tritons

VEIL OF PLATITUDE / Collage, Gouache, Embroidery / 9″ x 12″

Short of the Sun

•Ishan Project: 334/31•



(Con’t Day 333) Olom Ra explains, ” You see, the Dark Sleep was an accident.”

 “What do you mean by ‘accident’?” Anali says.

Olom continues, “Chûndra is like a child throwing a tantrum to get attention, albeit a large tantrum. The main purpose of the gas she poisoned us with back then was to wipe our minds and control us all. What she didn’t account for was the geomagnetic storm caused by a solar flare. Ishan bodies are very closely tied in with the magnetic fields of the Earth. During geomagnetic storms when the Earths magnetic fields are altered, our bodies are more sensitive. The poison that was meant to control us actually put us in a coma-like state. That’s why the Ishan fell asleep while the humans didn’t.”

“So now she’s trying to do what she was unable to do all those years ago. She must be frantic now that she’s lost some of her power.”

Now that she’s weakened, we have to use this opportunity to completely disarm her. We have a bit of work ahead. There’s no time for complacency.

SHORT OF THE SUN / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Why Have We 4gotten?

•Ishan Project: 330/35•



I stepped outside this morning and noticed a sweetness in the air. I looked over to my right and noticed the first buds from a tree’s flower beginning to bloom. So much has happened in these past 11 months. True Birds fly high and bring word back that the humans minds are now starting to sprout and the air once again has produced A Calm unimaginative. My mind finds it hard to digest what Chûndra’s done and how we’ve been able to survive this catastrophe. One thing had been certain however, 4bear intends to restore the geomagnetic structure of society. Soon, everyone will have the opportunity to Remember.

Once Olom Ra recovered from the shock he’d experienced a few days past, he helps us understand why we’ve forgotten…


 A CALM / Acrylic / 14″ x 24″

Focal Point

Ishan Project: 326/39•



They creep into her fortress, but not too carefully. This time they want to be seen. They make their way into the atrium and instantly Anali’s eyes meet her mother’s once again.  Anali’s parents were enclosed in a glass crypt. All of the memories of what she believed to be their death, begin flooding into her head.

Though her mother’s face remains expressionless, her eyes tell everything. Anali feels her concern. There was no time for lingering in that moment. In the distance, she hears the sirens.  Chûndra and her army come storming in and the arrows start flying.

Netra snatches the N-oid ball in time. As she directs her breath around its’ curves, it dissolves into a powdery substance drifting into the air. They watch as it first begins to float. Then the powder  begins to adhere to the surfaces around them. The glass entrapment was the first item they heard shatter.  Chûndra feels the electric discharge in the atmosphere and starts to retreat, but not fast enough…

 FOCAL POINT / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


Ishan Project: 325/40•



We found ourselves back in the laboratory tonight. 4bear brought the ingredients together. After much discussion we decided to first mix the tincture from the Flowers that Feed with the residue from Jeth’s glass case. Traces of Chûndra’s dark Sufna remained on the fabric of this mask. We were able to reverse engineer how the nano-tech from that formula effects glass and add it to our new formula.

When the two were combined inside of one of our large beakers, an electric pulse formed. Black bubbles float over this liquid substance, then pop abruptly. Its contents were almost ready, but we’d need something that would ignite it. Something which would demagnetize its’ polarity.  So then Netra walks out from among us. Her eyes glow bright as they erupt with an energy which pierces the liquid’s molecular structure.

Once the mix is created, the room becomes filled with a sweet smell.  Its’ scent is almost rhythmic. We call this new substance N-oid.

ROUSE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Watchful Guardians

•Ishan Project: 323/42•



“So what you’re saying,” I asked, “is that the Ishan had been wakened by the magnetism from the earth’s atmosphere?”

“Right,”she answers.”Yet, we also selected several humans to join the 4bearance. These individuals had come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from common farmers, powerful poets and artists. A few came from wealthy backgrounds as well.

Waking the Ishan was a gradual process however. So, across the planet, we collectively laid the rare and precious salt deep down in the earth.  The Guardians protected these minerals until the next solar flare in 1988.”

WATCHFUL GUARDIANS / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


•Ishan Project: 320/45•



Koyu was the first victim to fall prey to her new hybrid formula. We had been in the laboratory working when he started repeating himself over and over.  We figured some of the nano tech must have bypassed the vents and seeped into the cracks of this room. And then he started transforming. I could see his limbs shake hard, then tremble. His eyes turned a purple, violet color.  While we all stood stunned, Anali reacted quickly. She snatched the scarf from my hand and wrapped it snugly around his neck. I was afraid to see his response, because the paint hadn’t quite been allowed to dry.

We watch solemnly as his convulsions begin to slow down, and his focus returns. He rolls over and stands up. Embarrassed, he grits his teeth, now that he had regained consciousness. He couldn’t believe that after all of these years of dodging, he almost succumbed to one of Chûndra’s devices.

GRIT / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Interview with La Casa De Viena

Just finished an interview with La Casa De Viena’s Blog. If you’d like to check it out follow the link below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. You may have to get out your Google translators though. ^+^ Chat soon.

Leah Smithson

Click here:
La Casa De Viena Interview


A Portrait of Anali In A Dance of Mourning

•Ishan Project: 306/59•



She thinks of this as she dances alone tonight and the stars became more visible. Something about the sound of the wind infused so much energy into her trunk, she was amazed at how much she had been affected. This dance tonight was not one of joy or excitement, but rather one of focus, determination, and concentration. Although they were entrapped in a dazed state, she’d dance for them tonight.

She thinks back to how perplexed and in pain her parents had been. But now, pieces of the vast puzzle that Chûndra created were slowly fitting into place. The tree branch floating in that glass case had to have come from her parents. Thinking back now, this made sense. No wonder the branches growing alongside the staircase looked so familiar. She couldn’t help but feel heart broken at how cruel Chûndra had become over the years.  After all, her parents originally took care of Chûndra when she had no one else. And to think, this was the way she had chosen to return her family’s love and affection.

Those particles floating around the small glass case in the laboratory must have been part of the reason Preet fell into that comatose state once its’ case was broken. Since the experience Preet had was a little different than those that fall under the influence of the Sufna vapor, 4bear knows there must be at least one other ingredient in Sufna, as well. In the meantime, she was grateful they were able to smuggle one of the impostors away. Maybe they could take it back into the lab to do a more thorough study on these creatures. They need to figure out how to stop them until they find a permanent solution to control this Vapor.


The Scent of Antiquity

•Ishan Project: 302/63•

302scent of antiquity 1


Anali and Preet would need to sneak out before Violet realizes their presence.  As they begin slowly backing out the room, Preet knocks over a glass case which breaks nosily into pieces on the marble floor. Then a dull fragrance was unleashed. Its’ scent knocks Preet on her back unconscious. This encasement contained fragments from a branch which had been tested on in this laboratory. Anali walks over to find Preet sleeping rather soundly.

Meanwhile, across the room, Violet senses some commotion happening near the entrance.  She had been so focused on the dark energy she was gathering from the Hummingbird Impostors, she hadn’t noticed her visitors.

THE SCENT OF ANTIQUITY/ Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Thanks for your support on 300 DAYS of The Ishan Project!

20131227-132522.jpgWe’ve successfully made it to 300 days of the Ishan Project and I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for following, sharing and commenting on these daily posts. I really appreciate your support. As we finish the remaining 65 days of our tale, let me just tell you, you are not going to want to miss it. So thanks again for your time and attention. Until we speak again- Resist + Remember. XO

Leah Smithson

A Hurried Mimic

  •Ishan Project: 295/70•



As the impostors gorged over soft petals that feed, they begin resonating its’ electromagnetic pulp. Preet was alarmed how the fur on their hind began glowing like Fireflies. This wasn’t an ordinary insect.

After a more thorough investigation, we now have come to the conclusion that the scientific name of the original insect was Macroglossum stellatarum a.k.a. the Hawk-Eyed Moth. However Chûndra took this beautiful creation and merged it with an extinct species of Cicada. This genetically hybrid species mimics the flight of the True Birds.  One major difference is that when it sucks on the flowers sweet nectar, it greedily swallows everything, or produces oddly shaped  holes in the petals.

A HURRIED MIMIC / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Left Hand

•Ishan Project: 287/78•



They appoint me to serve as secretary as the 4bearance sits down as a group to discuss this serious matter.

Anali: “This is a disaster. She’s destroyed the majority of our crops. What’s not completely destroyed has been diseased by Chûndra’s infestation.”

Koyu: “Fortunately, the Sower has given us a few additional seedlings which we’ve been successful in hiding.”

 Jess folds her arms across the marble table then asks, “What I don’t understand is why we can’t find out where the vapor originates.”

Aram: “But didn’t you work there spying on her palace? Why don’t you know her whereabouts, Jess?”

Jess: “This is how things work in her palace—Chûndra trust no one. Each of her drones has their own individual assignments. No one knows what each other is doing. My specific division never allowed me to get close to the vapor’s origin. Chûndra is a deception specialist. That’s why she’s been so successful in keeping her secrets secret. She doesn’t let her left hand know what her right hand is doing.”

LEFT HAND / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″


•Ishan Project: 286/79•



Preet stretches her branches and absorbs the solar energy generated from the Sun’s core. Temperatures in this Mediterranean climate had changed drastically. But one thing had remained the same: The 4bearance’s position in this battle had been compromised. She contorts her body once again as she considers her next movement. Then a pattern begins to form around her chest which spreads onto her limbs.

 BEND / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″


•Ishan Project: 280/85•



The Flowers had been entirely engulfed by the ferocious insect larvae. They had been feasting on its’ edible petals for several weeks now.  This was unusual since this species of insect tend to be in a dormant state this time of the year. But now, since so many people are unable to smell the flowers fragrance, they have find themselves more easily susceptible to Chûdra’s new scent.

One young woman witnessed the affect it had on many of her neighbors. She was terrified by what she was watching.  Her legs moved faster and faster away from the vapor but it wasn’t good enough. It then spread out like a thin gauze entrapping her and her family.  As the vapor dissolves the magnetic properties surrounding her dome, she slowly closes her eyes and succumbs to its’ influence.

SURRENDERED / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Pictorial Focus

•Ishan Project: 277/88•



Our findings have now revealed that the samples derived from its remains were an extinct larvae. But we’ve noticed that these larvae became “feeding machines”, adapting mostly for consuming food and growing in size. Chûndra bioengineered these specifically for the Flowers that Feed. However we wouldn’t just sit and allow the battle to come to us.  The 4bearance decided to go on the offensive.

PICTORIAL FOCUS / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

An Altered Wingspan

•Ishan Project: 276/89•



Anali watches as the purple haze transfigures itself into a living creature. She lets her hair down now and simply watches with curiosity. After having tested the sample a bit, she decided to try to catch the haze work in action. And now it’s happening. They had been larvae, but once they reached the adult stage, it bore its’ wings and dispersed itself into the atmosphere.

AN ALTERED WINGSPAN / Mixed Media / 8″ x 11″

A Flower that Weeps

•Ishan Project: 275/90•



I don’t think any of us had ever seen anything like this before.This was so unusual. The haze formed itself like a blanket over several of the remaining flowers.

As the haze falls onto the plants’ surface, the flowers scream. It was a gut-wrenching sound that saddened me. I knew something had to be done. In this investigation for the past 9 months, I’ve learned to never take matters at face value.  So I reached over the tattered flower to take a sample of its’ remains.

A FLOWER THAT WEEPS / Mixed Media / 8″ x 11″

A Purposeful Leer

•Ishan Project: 274/91•



As Anali looks at a sample of the Flowers that Feed from Belgium, she notices the holes aren’t just random shapes. They are distinct and deliberate. A signature from her long rival. Although the report from Belgium mentioned that the smoke that hovered over the fields seemed random, the pattern of the damage was distinguishable. Anali smiles and laughs as she hears that more and more flowers are now beginning to have holes in them.

However, Koyu turns his head in disgust when he hears about it. One step forward and two backward. Whatever is eating the flowers is spreading and they need to stop it before it gets worse.

A PURPOSEFUL LEER / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

A Purple Haze

•Ishan Project: 273/92•



A purple haze surrounded the remaining dormant flowers. Netra squats down to inspect this occurrence. The putrid stench was unbelievable. She uses her magnetic touch to spark some life into the flower. Yet, instead of reviving, it only accelerates it’s deterioration.

A PURPLE HAZE / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

A Contemptuous Scent

•Ishan Project: 272/93•



(Cont. from DAY 271) The noise had stopped entirely now. Then Aram alerts a Guardian to inspect this incident. Details generated through electric waves  have reported that the East Coast has now been affected. The holes seemed to have enlarged themselves and have spread to the plant’s root system. Aram, Netra, and Anali all watch in horror as the petals first fall. Then it seems as though it’s stamen begins to deteriorate, and we could no longer smell the fragrance. It’s sweet texture was replaced with a putrid scent.

A CONTEMPTUOUS SCENT / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″