•Ishan Project: 360/5•



When the glass burst, Chûndra sustained only minor injuries: a concussion, glass shrapnel abrasions and minor bruises were the only physical damages noticed. True Birds carried her back to our lair.  After a violent tantrum, 4bear managed to sustain her inside of four walls covered by tarp derived from the N-oid tincture. Her energies began to wain a bit. Yet, her powers were restoring, thanks to her crown.

She rolled the magnetic energy between her fingers, harnessing the power in her tiny cell. A smirk moved across her face she caught sight of Aram. Aram glared back at her, remembering the torture ChĂ»ndra put her and her family through. And all because of ChĂ»ndra’s greed for power. As Anali walks in the room, she notices their exchange. “Take her crown Aram,” Anali says, “After all, she stole it from you anyway, and we can’t afford for her to break free. The less power she has at this point, the better.”

“It would be my pleasure,” Aram replies warmly.

She enters the cell and instantly a sharp burst of negative energy strikes Aram in the chest. ChĂ»ndra begins to rise, but Aram is prepared. Her flowers pulsate rhythmically and the kinetic energy from ChĂ»ndra’s blast is reversed upon contact with Aram’s body. When the impact strikes, ChĂ»ndra’s body falls suddenly. Unaffected by this minor altercation, Aram reaches down and snatches the crown away from her. Then, she carefully steps over ChĂ»ndra’s body towards the exit.

She couldn’t help but look back at the cell’s glass fixture to find ChĂ»ndra glaring at her. Aram innocently smiles back at her. Even though we have secured ChĂ»ndra, the 4bearance and the rest of the world still has a major problem, in the shade of Violet, which needs to be resolved.

ARC / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Clipped Wings

•Ishan Project: 354/11•



The moisture in the air ceased, but the Impostors remained active.  They no longer floated in the air wandering aimlessly. Violet’s control over them remained permanent. Using the same method she used to forge a biological connection to the Impostors, Violet managed to win absolute authority over the rest of the Tritons as well. ChĂ»ndra attempted to regain control over her Palace but failed miserably. “She’ll love me for this later. This is for her own good. Her resolve has become too weak and she needs me now. Even if she doesn’t realize it,” Violet thinks to herself. To “protect” her, Violet proceeds to lock ChĂ»ndra in the north wing of her palace.

As Violet sits on the throne, the Impostors’ larvae pulsated vibrantly around her extremities. She begins to realize that the only thing she hasn’t taken control of at this point is ChĂ»ndra’s crown.  This was not a good day for the Conformance. Confusion abounded.

 CLIPPED WINGS / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

A Queen Unmarked

•Ishan Project: 343/22•



I noticed Violet’s strange disposition tonight. Her demeanor was very aggressive. She kept insisting I repeat to her in detail last night’s post and give more of a thorough explanation about my connection to Anali’s family. I don’t answer to anyone and least of all her. I am Queen. As I laughed in her face, I watched her turn away frustrated. So naive. I think she actually thought she could win my love. I already know how to love. I just don’t trust anyone. At least anyone I can’t control.

Interestingly enough, I’ve noticed several of my Tritons missing this week. Coincidence? I think not.~ChĂ»ndra

A QUEEN UNMARKED / Collage, Gouache / 9″ x 12″


•Ishan Project: 321/44•



Something’s amiss in the air. From a distance we hear the earth shaking. “ChĂ»ndra with her Triton’s are powerful, but I have a feeling that something unexpected is coming. And it will be bigger than her. ChĂ»ndra has managed to deaden the minds of those weak and disposed already. We know we only have a short period of time to execute some sort of plan. We have enough knowledge to plan against ChĂ»nda, but how do we plan against an unknown force?  

When Anali sees my reaction to the ground rumbling, she takes me to the side and whispers something to me regarding her new idea. She had been so excited, she hadn’t noticed the lights from the electricity in the room start to flicker. After explaining her intentions, she stops to catch her breath and to see my reaction. She sniffs her scarf wrapped tightly around her neck then smiles cleverly and asks, “Leah, did I ever tell you exactly how RĂŻden and Koyu woke the Ishan?”

FLICKER / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

An Emptied Procession

•Ishan Project: 309/56•



Their tongues begin licking the air as they search for some trace of its trail.  Their flight pattern edged towards the metal case for an opening. Yet none was found. This wouldn’t perturb them however. It’s antennae rub together feverishly then it spits out this acid which pierces through the thick metallic walls. Once inside it feeds drunkenly on the remaining flowers.

As the last flower is devoured, the air outside grew stiff.

4bear first acknowledged this change when the ground shook violently.  This was no ordinary quake.  Netra then watches angrily as these little creatures fly past her.

AN EMPTIED PROCESSION / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

A Penetrating Silence

•Ishan Project: 298/67•

298penetrating silence


Preet had been wondering what had taken Anali so long to return. She traces her pulse up the stairway and sees her in the hallway laying down staring at an adjacent wall incased in glass.  As she gets near, she notices Anali shaking from shock. Once she turns, what she sees is unbelievable… Right before her eyes, Anali’s parents are trapped in this device. Their mouths hang low from being fossilized and neglected after so many years. Her mother had retained her beauty but her hair had been burnt badly from some trauma. She tries to strengthen Anali upright but she breaks away.  Anali begins to form an unstable electric charge which would blast away this glass encasement.  “Stop!” Preet yells. “We don’t know how long they’ve been trapped here and what affect this could have on their bodies. And the sound from the shattering glass will awaken the guards!  We’ll need to wait Anali, we now know their location.  Don’t worry, we’ll return with the rest of 4bear.”

“Watching them suffer hurts too much!”, Anali says.

Preet responds, “I know, but we don’t need to allow our emotions to get the better of us. Too much is at stake now. Not only the Ishan but mankind’s fate as well.”

At that moment they watch a herd of the Impostors’ fly pass them. Their buzzing noise resonated the air as they bounce drunkenly into the nearby walls.

“They’re flying to their hideout. We can’t waste any more time!”, Preet whispers loudly.  She tilts her head to the side as she watches Anali force her body away from the sight that lain before them. She knows it will require more than just her courage to keep her mind focused on the task that now lay ahead.

A PENETRATING SILENCE/ Mixed Media / 9″ x 12″

A Transient Calm

•Ishan Project: 268/97•



As ChĂ»ndra’s entourage left, we begin feeling a calm that made breathing seem pleasant. Netra had been one of the first to walk outside and smell the calmness in the air. The 4bearance had taken a hit with a number of tragedies recently, but we’d enjoy this momentary peace or calm before the storm.

A TRANSIENT CALM / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

Air For A Mind of Our Own

•Ishan Project: 224/141•



More and more Guardians are being recruited to watch the new seedlings. Each Guardian has only two to three flowers to watch, so ensuring their survival has become an easier task. As these flowers grow and pollinate, our air becomes easier to breathe and our minds more our own.

AIR FOR A MIND OF OUR OWN / Gouache, Acrylic, Color Pencil  / 5.5″ x 8.5″


•Ishan Project: 207/158•



She was a bit disturbed when she found out Jeth woke her drone, but it actually worked to her benefit. After ChĂ»ndra was able to find the girl, she put her through Reconditioning again. It didn’t take as long to work, this time. The girl still had part of the antidote in her blood, which helped her figure out how to improve the process a bit. “How could they be so stupid,” she thought to herself. “They woke her then left her to the wolves.”

TURN / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″