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Come join me @artshare_la for @laartshow after party and closing reception for our All Stars show. It is FREE to attend! There will be 2 DJs @azul213 @djfrancescaharding, and a cash bar available with cocktails from @mulhollanddistilling & @qmixer and beer from @pabstblueribbon.


•Ishan Project: 271/94•



We walk away from the coast now. We’ve been protecting some of the Flowers that Feed in this area. Rïden senses a chemical reaction in the air. He thinks that this might be connected to the unusual noise that we’ve been hearing.  There was an initial snap, then a slicing noise heard nearby.  As Aram steps away from the jagged surface, she notices one of the flowers have holes on its anterior petals.

NOISE /  Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

A Transient Calm

•Ishan Project: 268/97•



As Chûndra’s entourage left, we begin feeling a calm that made breathing seem pleasant. Netra had been one of the first to walk outside and smell the calmness in the air. The 4bearance had taken a hit with a number of tragedies recently, but we’d enjoy this momentary peace or calm before the storm.

A TRANSIENT CALM / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

4 Days Until Ishan Project Begins


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5 Days Until the Ishan Project Begins

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