🍃Here’s a detail of a new piece for an upcoming exhibition that’s invitation only. (Send me an email or comment if you’re interested in receiving an invitation) “Aperture” Oil + Acrylic on 24” Round Panel.

A Portrait of Anali In A Dance of Mourning

•Ishan Project: 306/59•



She thinks of this as she dances alone tonight and the stars became more visible. Something about the sound of the wind infused so much energy into her trunk, she was amazed at how much she had been affected. This dance tonight was not one of joy or excitement, but rather one of focus, determination, and concentration. Although they were entrapped in a dazed state, she’d dance for them tonight.

She thinks back to how perplexed and in pain her parents had been. But now, pieces of the vast puzzle that Chûndra created were slowly fitting into place. The tree branch floating in that glass case had to have come from her parents. Thinking back now, this made sense. No wonder the branches growing alongside the staircase looked so familiar. She couldn’t help but feel heart broken at how cruel Chûndra had become over the years.  After all, her parents originally took care of Chûndra when she had no one else. And to think, this was the way she had chosen to return her family’s love and affection.

Those particles floating around the small glass case in the laboratory must have been part of the reason Preet fell into that comatose state once its’ case was broken. Since the experience Preet had was a little different than those that fall under the influence of the Sufna vapor, 4bear knows there must be at least one other ingredient in Sufna, as well. In the meantime, she was grateful they were able to smuggle one of the impostors away. Maybe they could take it back into the lab to do a more thorough study on these creatures. They need to figure out how to stop them until they find a permanent solution to control this Vapor.


The Scent of Antiquity

•Ishan Project: 302/63•

302scent of antiquity 1


Anali and Preet would need to sneak out before Violet realizes their presence.  As they begin slowly backing out the room, Preet knocks over a glass case which breaks nosily into pieces on the marble floor. Then a dull fragrance was unleashed. Its’ scent knocks Preet on her back unconscious. This encasement contained fragments from a branch which had been tested on in this laboratory. Anali walks over to find Preet sleeping rather soundly.

Meanwhile, across the room, Violet senses some commotion happening near the entrance.  She had been so focused on the dark energy she was gathering from the Hummingbird Impostors, she hadn’t noticed her visitors.

THE SCENT OF ANTIQUITY/ Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

Thanks for your support on 300 DAYS of The Ishan Project!

20131227-132522.jpgWe’ve successfully made it to 300 days of the Ishan Project and I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for following, sharing and commenting on these daily posts. I really appreciate your support. As we finish the remaining 65 days of our tale, let me just tell you, you are not going to want to miss it. So thanks again for your time and attention. Until we speak again- Resist + Remember. XO

Leah Smithson

A Quiet Interlock

•Ishan Project: 299/66•



They begin trailing the Impostors, but Anali still was pained at the heart from seeing her parents. Before she turned this corner she turned back to take one last look. But as she sees them, she notices her mother no longer is slack jawed. Her mouth is now closed and focused. Despite her burns and agony it seems that she now is able to gather her energy to lock eye contact with her seed. Anali starts to feel the connection they once shared. It was as though her mom was infusing energy into her central nervous system.

A QUIET INTERLOCK / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


Collapsed Petals

•Ishan Project: 291/74•



He’d never let her in to his private quarters. He didn’t want her to find what his secret experiments entailed. So for years, Vale remained patient. Trusting him. Allowing him privacy.

Every day she would sit and watch the world from underneath their eucalyptus tree. She decided to allow herself to be excited about his experiments and his goals. If his experiments will work it would be worth whatever time she had been waiting. Even though weeks and months would pass by when he wouldn’t leave his lab, that would be such a small time in comparison to the time they would have ahead…If—no—when his experiments worked.

Then she realized he was experimenting on himself. He was so sick. He wouldn’t let her help him. Each year that would pass, her heart would tear a little more and a little more, as she watched him destroy himself. Finally, when news had spread throughout Ishandria that her husband, without her knowledge, had been performing ‘experiments’ to create a hybrid species of bird, Vale realized that none of that obsession was really about them and their life together as a family. It was about himself. His insecurity. He had forgotten all about her. She wasn’t important to him. And he wasn’t going to change. Chûndra watched her one day as she withered from a torn septum. Her grief had been so tangible it was as though the petals from her flowers slowly collapsed themselves over her lips.

COLLAPSED PETALS / Mixed Media / 5″ 9″


•Ishan Project: 286/79•



Preet stretches her branches and absorbs the solar energy generated from the Sun’s core. Temperatures in this Mediterranean climate had changed drastically. But one thing had remained the same: The 4bearance’s position in this battle had been compromised. She contorts her body once again as she considers her next movement. Then a pattern begins to form around her chest which spreads onto her limbs.

 BEND / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

A Flower that Weeps

•Ishan Project: 275/90•



I don’t think any of us had ever seen anything like this before.This was so unusual. The haze formed itself like a blanket over several of the remaining flowers.

As the haze falls onto the plants’ surface, the flowers scream. It was a gut-wrenching sound that saddened me. I knew something had to be done. In this investigation for the past 9 months, I’ve learned to never take matters at face value.  So I reached over the tattered flower to take a sample of its’ remains.

A FLOWER THAT WEEPS / Mixed Media / 8″ x 11″


•Ishan Project: 271/94•



We walk away from the coast now. We’ve been protecting some of the Flowers that Feed in this area. Rïden senses a chemical reaction in the air. He thinks that this might be connected to the unusual noise that we’ve been hearing.  There was an initial snap, then a slicing noise heard nearby.  As Aram steps away from the jagged surface, she notices one of the flowers have holes on its anterior petals.

NOISE /  Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

These Eyes Drip Water

•Ishan Project: 262/103•



The 4bearance couldn’t stand for her to be alone so they’ve tried curing her ailment. When she smells the flowers though, her eyes drip water and she leans away in disgust. She misses her vapor. Nothing could ever replace it.

She even made another attempt at harming Jess. This behavior was unacceptable.

After several attempts 4bear had to let her go. One day she disappears into the night in search of Chûndra in a desperate attempt to win back her favor.

THESE EYES DRIP WATER / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

Her Rising

•Ishan Project: 260/105•


There was no longer any use for her. Chûndra felt she served her purpose.  As this realization becomes more apparent over time, Violet becomes desperate, grasping for any residual of the vapor she could find.  She finds Cherry and his minion hidden in the dense darkness. He conceds to give her a portion, but once the vapor wears off and she returns, he threatens her to leave the premises.

Now she finds herself at a standstill. She leaves the 4bearance’s lair in search of some answer to her dilemma. Preet keeps a careful eye on this young one. She follows her as she begins walking alongside a jagged cliff…and trips.


HER RISING / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 8.5″

Strange Lights

•Ishan Project: 257/108•



Watching the way Violet stands and walks away didn’t sit well.  Violet had been slightly rocking back and forth as if she were under the influence of something.  Once she leaves, Preet goes by the bay window she had been sitting at all afternoon. She notices the shape of her rear is still embedded in the leather cushions. As Preet gathers her limbs, she immediately sees the same two lights from a distance flashing back and forth.

STRANGE LIGHTS / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″


A Guardian Standing Still

•Ishan Project: 249/116•



There were no more fields. The Bird had caused the 4bearance to have the Guardians diversify their work across the globe. So today we find the seedlings propagated across small household gardens internationally. There they’ve been safely cared for. Although distracted by a variety of disasters, 4bear knows they would need to maintain their focus.

The plan to protect the seedlings was successful. The Bird is still a threat, however. Now they would need a better solution in order to catch it.

  A GUARDIAN STANDING STILL / Gouache, Chalk, Graphite, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 8.5″