A Crown that Bleeds “ii”

A Crown that Bleeds “ii”

Break into Your Untapped Creativity Through Your Space and Wardrobe


As I am wishing I was in NY for the armory show, I am laying out a few new designs, and thinking of Iris Apfel who was such a genius at curating her outfits, that MOMA museum put together one of their most successful exhibits featuring her wardrobe. You can break into your everyday untapped creativity like she did. Sign up for my email to be a part of a fun and easy project I’m putting together to help you curate your space and your wardrobe. Create a space and wardrobe that represents YOU. Curate your space like an artist. Put together your wardrobe like a poet. Make sure you sign up at leahsmithson.com so you don’t miss out (Click the link in the profile). (view on Instagram http://ift.tt/1QYBkiu)


•Ishan Project: 331/34•



There was no warning when it happened, Olom Ra just remembers how everything seemed to turn white. It happened at Ishandria’s yearly festival. Anali and Chûndra hadn’t seen each other for a year or two at that point. We all had tried to reach out to her, but she became too hard-hearted. It was a difficult time. Many Ishan in the proceeding months had been getting sick. What we thought was a mysterious illness caused many of their branches to deteriorate. None of our doctors could figure out the cause. We never would have suspected that the woman we loved as our child could have been involved.

CROWN / ACRYLIC / 8″ X 11″

Interview with La Casa De Viena

Just finished an interview with La Casa De Viena’s Blog. If you’d like to check it out follow the link below. I’d love to hear your thoughts. You may have to get out your Google translators though. ^+^ Chat soon.

Leah Smithson

Click here:http://www.lacasadeviena.com/artes-visuales/leah-smithson-siempre-me-ha-gustado-coquetear-con-lo-inesperado/
La Casa De Viena Interview


An Emptied Procession

•Ishan Project: 309/56•



Their tongues begin licking the air as they search for some trace of its trail.  Their flight pattern edged towards the metal case for an opening. Yet none was found. This wouldn’t perturb them however. It’s antennae rub together feverishly then it spits out this acid which pierces through the thick metallic walls. Once inside it feeds drunkenly on the remaining flowers.

As the last flower is devoured, the air outside grew stiff.

4bear first acknowledged this change when the ground shook violently.  This was no ordinary quake.  Netra then watches angrily as these little creatures fly past her.

AN EMPTIED PROCESSION / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″

A Paradigm Sifting

•Ishan Project: 304/61•



 For weeks now they’d been studying her movements. The 4bearance watches this young woman as she plays her stereo. She displayed creative prowess with her fingers and her viewpoint had been so open. She would’ve been an exceptional candidate to join their team; more than worthy.

But regrettably, there wasn’t much that could be done for her at this point. The Bird Face Crew had already surrounded her modest home. 4bear watches in disgust as she succumbs to the affects of Chûndra’s vapor. She first shudders as it enters into her cerebellum. Then it’s absorbed throughout her body’s central nervous system.

Despite a new year beginning tomorrow, the right part of her brain, and her free will sifted into this dormant state.

A PARADIGM SIFTING / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

Thanks for your support on 300 DAYS of The Ishan Project!

20131227-132522.jpgWe’ve successfully made it to 300 days of the Ishan Project and I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for following, sharing and commenting on these daily posts. I really appreciate your support. As we finish the remaining 65 days of our tale, let me just tell you, you are not going to want to miss it. So thanks again for your time and attention. Until we speak again- Resist + Remember. XO

Leah Smithson

A Quiet Interlock

•Ishan Project: 299/66•



They begin trailing the Impostors, but Anali still was pained at the heart from seeing her parents. Before she turned this corner she turned back to take one last look. But as she sees them, she notices her mother no longer is slack jawed. Her mouth is now closed and focused. Despite her burns and agony it seems that she now is able to gather her energy to lock eye contact with her seed. Anali starts to feel the connection they once shared. It was as though her mom was infusing energy into her central nervous system.

A QUIET INTERLOCK / Mixed Media / 5″ x 4″


A Willful Gaze

•Ishan Project: 230/135•



This electromagnetic pulse that vibrates creates a strange energy inside her. One that was telling her something was wrong. Anali begins to assess all of the problems the 4bearance has experienced in these past few weeks. Her head began hurting. It was unbelievable how they all managed to thrive despite these obstacles. However, something just didn’t make sense.  She closed her eyes as the throbbing began in her left temple. All the evidence points to 4Bear’s plans being leaked. How?  Is there a mole living amongst them? Who would do this?

A WILLFUL GAZE / Gouache, Acrylic, Graphite, Chalk   / 5.5″ x 8.5″

Let Them Eat Hate

•Ishan Project: 227/138•



A frontal attack wouldn’t be as effective. She wants them to fall to pieces. Chûndra devises a plan to cause friction amongst the 4bearance. Something covert to let them eat hate. That way they’re too distracted to be concerned with the next phase of her plan.

LET THEM EAT HATE/ Gouache, Acrylic, Color Pencil  / 5.5″ x 8.5″

A Temperate Grind

•Ishan Project: 226/139•



In order to speed up the effects of the vapor, Chûndra has The Specialist analyze it’s basic ingredients.  She studies its nano-tech carefully and precisely. This formula would have to be more powerful than its predecessor.  The 4bearance have tried another tactic unlike anything they’ve ever thought of. Chûndra can’t help but grind her teeth. The veins in her iris turn bright red as she considers what the future might bring. She had worked too hard to get to this point. She paces the floor in deep thought. All the while viewing this specialist studying her microscopic robots.  She begins to wonder if she should reconsider The Forecaster’s initial offer.

A TEMPERATE GRIND / Gouache, Acrylic, Color Pencil  / 5.5″ x 8.5″

Subtle Consent

•Ishan Project: 177/188•

Day 4 of 10 for the Recap of the Ishan Project’s first 6 months.




Chûndra was always very smart. Her father was a biologist in the 8th century and very ahead of his time. He was never very good to her. Her appearance reminded him of his deceased wife who died of neglect. This neglect Chûndra inherited. All Chûndra could do was spend time with him in his lab. She spent time watching him as he experimented on birds. He always would torture them feeling safe outside of their cages.  However, one bird in particular accepted treatment very well. So well he started to take on human characteristics.  He became known as Birdface.  He cunningly escaped this lab and created a team or crew of similar birds with like characteristics. Since he and Chûndra both studied her father’s work they decided they would weaponize this knowledge and use it to their own liking.  They wanted to create a world according to their own personal taste. In order to meet this goal they would need to assemble an army or group of drones to do their bidding. This group became known as The Tritons.

SUBTLE CONSENT / Gouache, Graphite, Chalk, Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″

A Surrender to The Dark Sleep

•Ishan Project: 176/189•

Day 3 of 10 for the Recap of the Ishan Project’s first 6 months.



The Dark Sleep spanned over 1200 years starting in 774 C.E. to 1988 C.E. This was a time when the Ishan were put to sleep mysteriously by means of a woman named Chûndra. That mysterious means also wiped mankind’s memory of the Ishan. Thus, the Ishan as a people were forgotten and wiped from mankind’s history. Unbeknownst to Chûndra, one of the Ishan escaped this mass catastrophe while hiding in a salt marsh. He was once a coward and tried to avoid conflict. Little did he know that he put himself at the most pivotal part of it all. It was in his ability to reshape the Ishan’s legacy.  He had to make a decision on whether to accept this responsibility or live alone in hiding while dooming his fellow brothers to a deathlike state in the Earth’s Crust.

A SURRENDER TO THE DARK SLEEP /  Gouache, Graphite / 8.5″ x 11″

Anali Q During The Festival Of Aioida

•Ishan Project: 175/190•

Day 2 of 10 Recap of the Ishan Projects first 6 months.



Friends since they were young children, Anali couldn’t stand to see the pain Chûndra would go through feeling unloved by her father. So Anali decided to become her family. Anali’s family also decided to accept Chûndra as their own. Chûndra knew she should be happy and appreciative, but instead allowed jealousy of Anali to eat away at their relationship. Eventually, Chûndra grew tired of putting up with Anali. Anali was crushed. She found herself spinning out of control, putting an end to a destructive and unhealthy friendship with a person she loved deeply. But just as that was ending, she now found herself in a different type of relationship. One with a person she thought was her enemy, but finally realized would become her closest friend.

Koyu was one that cared for her more that anyone else. Unfortunately, he happened to be friends with Chûndra before Anali had, and Chûndra felt he was her only confidant. The more she would try to hurt Anali, the closer she and Koyu became. Chûndra unwittingly put the two together. Now she had no one. Chûndra decided she wouldn’t stop until Anali experienced what it feels like to be alone and unloved.

ANALI Q DURING THE FESTIVAL OF AIOIDA / Gouache, Graphite, Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″

Chûndra Overlooking the Valley of Wanæro in Ishandria

•Ishan Project: 174/191•

We are approaching the 6 month Anniversary of the Ishan Project. (YAY!) For the next 10 days leading up to this Anniversary we will do a short recap of the history of the Ishan as a people, The Dark Sleep, and Chûndra’s plans of world domination. 




There was an ancient town called Ishandria. In this town lived a species of beings that looked like us but who’s limbs and extremities stretched high and low to the ground resembling trees.  Human’s coexisted peacefully at one time with this group sharing each others culture.

Many of them created close bonds which merged these two species into a friendship. One of the many forged friendships which was at one time peaceful turned bitter and full of jealousy to the point that it threatened to shatter the Earth’s Anthropological makeup.



•Ishan Project: 168/197•



At first she felt a little nauseous. Her stomach began turning violently. It had to be airborne, nothing in her house was different. Something began tugging at her psyche, making it hard to concentrate. She tried to fight it, but slowly it’s poison began to suffocate her focus. Her memory slowly dissolved in patches. The more she fought the more the tugging began to resurface negative thoughts of her past. She surrendered to the idea that it wasn’t so hard to forget. Her body began to be weakened from discouragement and she just let go.

VASSAL / Gouache, Acrylic, Graphite / 3.5″ x 5.5″


Ishan Project Begins: The Awakening

•Ishan Project: 1 /364 •

Due to a mysterious occurence, mankind’s memory has been wiped clean of a group of people that look like us but whose extremities streach to the heavens like branches from a tree. Through a series of Art projects for the next 365 days, Leah Smithson is documenting her investigation of what this occurrence actually was. In addition, she is creating a visual anthropologic documentary of the Ishan’s story and history. Resist + Remember. Follow this compelling story through pictures and interviews of the Ishan.



There were two storms. The first, happened 774 C.E. This storm, while putting the Ishan to sleep, gave humankind amnesia. May 7, 1988 the second storm started coming in waves creating an unsettling condition in the earth. And so begins the awakening…

THE AWAKENING / Charcoal, Pencil / 9″ x 11″

4 Days Until Ishan Project Begins


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5 Days Until the Ishan Project Begins

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