Digital Rendering at the Coffee shop

Working on some new pieces. In the meanwhile, This is a mural concept rendering at this coffee shop.

A Portrait of Her Mother as Described by Chûndra

•Ishan Project: 289/76•



Anali continues, “I remember Chûndra mentioning the connection she shared with her mother.

Chûndra cried when she mentioned how delicately she would brush her cheek with her limbs. She was born with a frown which wrinkled across her brow. However, whenever she was in her mothers presence, she’d wipe the wrinkle away with a soft magnetic touch. The energy would course through her system igniting something voltaic within her.

But it was her father’s (See DAY 28) obsession for her mother which made Chûndra’s spark turn sour.”



A Flower that Weeps

•Ishan Project: 275/90•



I don’t think any of us had ever seen anything like this before.This was so unusual. The haze formed itself like a blanket over several of the remaining flowers.

As the haze falls onto the plants’ surface, the flowers scream. It was a gut-wrenching sound that saddened me. I knew something had to be done. In this investigation for the past 9 months, I’ve learned to never take matters at face value.  So I reached over the tattered flower to take a sample of its’ remains.

A FLOWER THAT WEEPS / Mixed Media / 8″ x 11″

A Purposeful Leer

•Ishan Project: 274/91•



As Anali looks at a sample of the Flowers that Feed from Belgium, she notices the holes aren’t just random shapes. They are distinct and deliberate. A signature from her long rival. Although the report from Belgium mentioned that the smoke that hovered over the fields seemed random, the pattern of the damage was distinguishable. Anali smiles and laughs as she hears that more and more flowers are now beginning to have holes in them.

However, Koyu turns his head in disgust when he hears about it. One step forward and two backward. Whatever is eating the flowers is spreading and they need to stop it before it gets worse.

A PURPOSEFUL LEER / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″


•Ishan Project: 269/96•



We end our day near the Embacaderro. We were curious to find out how the clarifying fragrance from the flowers that feed had affected those walking along the Wharf. There was a similar buzzing noise here as had been in the small town where Chûndra tested her vapor.  This buzzing had stopped a few days ago, but something was too still. We all have a sinking feeling in our stomach that something terrible is on the horizon.  In fact, Aram’s flowers’ glow bright red as she begins to sense the danger piercing violently through the air, but as far as we can tell, there is nothing there. We can’t waste time on paranoia. Right now we have to do as much as we can while we can. Something about this feeling is similar to an experience I had when I was eight years old.

INKLING / Mixed Media / 5.5″ x 4″

Scaling Backwards

•Ishan Project: 238/127•


Jess looks at him, as he taunts her with his eyes, daring her to make any sudden movement. What she was seeing was unbelievable, but for something this big to sneak up on her, how could she be so careless?  He didn’t even have his cloak available. As he gets closer, she begins edging backwards. Composing herself for what will happen next.

Normally his interest was in only eating.  He finds her movement of interest.  However, as he edges towards her, he feels the moisture in the air around them begin to thin out.

SCALING BACKWARDS / Gouache, Pastel, Graphite / 5.5″ x 8.5″

As Words Dripped From Her Lips

•Ishan Project: 218/147•



They couldn’t stop watching her lips as she spoke, as they were hanging off every single word. The information dripped wet like paint from her mouth. She had just figured out how to escape from Chûndra and the Tritons for a brief period.

After she had been waken, she allowed Chûndra to capture her for 4bear. It seems Chûndra has been winning most of the battles recently, but now they have the ammunition needed to fight back.

AS WORDS DRIPPED FROM HER LIPS / Gouache, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 8.5″

A Scouring of the Plume

 •Ishan Project: 215/150•

215ARAM 1


The Guardian had been running through the fields when a huge gust of wind knocked her down. When her face hit the muddy tracks left behind, she looked up to find another feather. The fog broke and sunlight gazed through the clouds. Now she was able to see more detail. She first notices that a substance is gliding across the feather’s soft texture. She grabs a leather satchel from her belt to obtain this evidence.

Once Aram inspects the substance, it’s confirmed that The Sower’s suspicions were accurate.  The sun-eaters had been a hybrid form of Cyanobacteria.

 A SCOURING OF THE PLUME / Acrylic, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 4″


•Ishan Project: 212/153•

212asphyx 1


At dusk, Jeth looks up at the sky and notices the moon turned an eerie orange hue from the town’s vantage point. It’s shape was warped as if it were moving through a lava lamp. The humidity in the air was electric also snapping at unexpected intervals.

Around the small town everything seemed normal on the surface. But if you looked closely you’d notice that everyone walked with a ‘tick’.

Chûndra sends more soldiers out to capture him. Although his attempts have seemed to fail, he remains undercover in this town away from everyone’s sight. As the Vapor oozes outside of the city however, he must wear a mask to avoid contamination.

ASPHYXIATED / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

The Euphonic

•Ishan Project: 210/155•



Each trap was set in succinct order to the seed’s exact location.  It measured 3.2 meters in height & 13 meters in diameter to trap large prey. The teeth on each adjoining lid was derived from a rare flint which created a sharpness somewhat razor-like in appearance. It’s weight measured well over 94,108kg to withstand any struggle from its prey once entrapped.

They were ready.

As the wind blows across the field, a florescent scent permeates the air creating a calm unexplained by words. But this was no time for relaxation. This Guardian would stand 4ever resolute, 4ever vigilant, 4ever watchful, 4ever firm.

Despite her readiness, she can’t believe what she was seeing right before her eyes!  The petals on one of the last seedlings begins to vanish slowly in mid-air as if it were turning into dust. It’s stamen screams a silent whimper as the last glimpse of its body bleeds onto the ground.  She runs towards it, but is to slow.  In the blink of eye it disappears. She hears a loud shuffling nearby and turns around with her iron staff ready for combat. However the only thing she hears is the quick legs of the shuffling run away from her location. Defeated once again, she looks down at her feet with regret to find…Yet another feather.

As the Guardian relates what’s happened, Anali Q smiles to herself.  This wasn’t a complete failure. Now they know what to do next.

THE EUPHONIC / Gouache, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 8.5″ x 11″

An Interruption

•Ishan Project: 208/157•



I received some disturbing news today. The sower reported that whatever is causing the disappearance of the seeds is moving at such a fast pace, she can’t keep up. It’s wasting precious time and resources to continue to plant when the seeds are being destroyed at such an accelerated rate. Because of this, she has to stop sowing before the 4bear’s resources are completely depleted. Personally, I think they have an idea of what’s happening with the seed and have a plan to try to snuff out the problem before we all become mindless drones. They’re just not saying what it is right now. All we can do is hope, because in the meantime, everything seems to be going Chûndra’s way. And she knows it.

AN INTERRUPTION / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″


•Ishan Project: 207/158•



She was a bit disturbed when she found out Jeth woke her drone, but it actually worked to her benefit. After Chûndra was able to find the girl, she put her through Reconditioning again. It didn’t take as long to work, this time. The girl still had part of the antidote in her blood, which helped her figure out how to improve the process a bit. “How could they be so stupid,” she thought to herself. “They woke her then left her to the wolves.”

TURN / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

Electric Dexterity

•Ishan Project: 195/170•



Despite Chûndra’s harassment, some seed from the 4bearance’s crop grow at an accelerated rate.  Netra has now discovered how her electric current can stimulate the earth’s soil producing a hybrid offspring.  The limbs from these seedlings swing low initially, however their boughs would soon point heavenward.

ELECTRIC DEXTERITY / Gouache, Color Pencil, Graphite / 3.5″ x 5.5″

Order and The Pursuit

•Ishan Project: 194/171•



The disappearing seeds remained an ongoing phenomenon.  The Guardians had tried vigilantly to keep watch over the fields. However an enemy, a thief kept intervening and removing their lush crop. After the third occurrence, the 4bearance initiates a covert Ishan skilled and equipped to track this fiend.

She’s on their trail now. Although their hearts never beat, she knew other ways to detect and trap them in their own game.

ORDER AND THE PURSUIT / Gouache, Color Pencil, Graphite / 3.5″ x 5.5″