Woolsey Fires

Trying to avoid the 🔥s’ on this Sketchy morning…thoughts & 💕 going out to all my neighbors affected by the #woolseyfire


Stop passively living life: Behind the art of Leah Smithson, Documentary

“Stop passively drifting thru life…Create the the life you wish with the Art as the catalyst…” Watch the full length video.👇🏼 Directed and filmed by the talented Daniel Beyer @daenielbeyer


The ‘Living Oar’ ready for ðŸ”¥

The ‘Living Oar’ ready for 🔥 #workinprogress

Sculpting with New textures & colors

In the studio today experimenting with colored porcelain on some new sculptural pieces.

A Crown that Bleeds â€œii”

A Crown that Bleeds “ii”

Digital Rendering at the Coffee shop

Working on some new pieces. In the meanwhile, This is a mural concept rendering at this coffee shop.

Feeling inspired in Peru & Parts of a painting

Feeling inspired while walking Peru tonight

Sympathetic Strings(2017) [A Beautiful Decay Series]

Acrylic & Oil on Wood 36’’ ⭕️ Diameter


•Ishan Project: 329/36•



The San Joaquin River ran drier this year. This drought has been one of the driest we’ve seen in over a 100 years, even before the time when mankind’s records began, so say many potamologists.

There is another kind of drought resonating around Chûndra’s lair today. It feeds Violet’s obsession for her, and Violet’s body still serves as a cradle for the larvae. As she hides in the shadows of the hallway waiting for Kalese, the larvae begin moving excitedly upon her suggestion. Kalese turns the corner, then she begins feeling a tingling sensation crawling along her left leg. She brushed off the irritation when suddenly a sharp pain struck her in her abdomen. She begins to panic now grasping for breath. As her vision finally adjust to the darkness, her consciousness wavers. And just before she passes out, the last thing she sees is Violet’s dark grin.

 CRADLE / Mixed Media / 5″ x 6″

A Gauze For Blinding

•Ishan Project: 279/86•



Once the haze spread rampant, a fractal pattern of the mind was disturbed. Years ago, a distinct spiral pattern of 137.5° was given the name: A Golden angle. This angle forms a compact arrangement that is extremely efficient in distribution of matter creating what people commonly refer to as a Fibonacci sequence. This sequence can be seen in a snowflake, a pattern of a shellfish, or in the circular shapes created from the petals of a flower.

This young lady was one of the first observed by Jeth who took on peculiar changes. She had been dancing by herself one night to a tune created by the rain outside when suddenly, like a gauze, a purple film began blinding her vision. It circled itself around her eyes first destroying the flowers waking effects. It then formed a vice grip around her neck, suffocating then reconditioning her to this new vapor.

Jeth had been watching in horror as her movements once again became robotic.


A GAUZE FOR BLINDING / Mixed Media / 5″ x 8″

4 Letters

•Ishan Project: 244/121•



Anger? This word would only describe it politely. Her rage blazed white as she leaves her chambers. She had been used to controlling matters. Now, it seemed as though this entire time she had been double crossed. This only confirmed her disbelief in that four letter word so many people spoke of. She shudders as she remembers how some had tossed it around so casually. As if it were cliche. Used like dirty rags. Touched like dead men on pale papers. Shared like poisoned candy eaten by children on pagan nights. She’d show them. Yes she’d show them all what it means to feel what she feels.

4 LETTERS / Gouache, Graphite, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 8.5″

A Fallen Leaf

•Ishan Project: 240/125•



As they bring the young woman inside their quarters we notice that she’s become incoherent. She had suffered some kind of traumatic experience which put her in a coma-like state. As Aram begins using her healing skills on the young lady she is in awe as she discovers another substance attached to her organism. It was a living breed, somewhat symbiotic in its makeup.

Aram takes a step back now and looks at Jess from a different perspective amazed at her courage, vigilance, and creativity. She had put herself on the line for the 4bearance. She’d need to be rewarded properly.  A discussion was brought to the board on which gift would be chosen. After much discussion, they combined their magnetic properties and grafted her a new arm.

As Jess looks in the mirror, I begin discreetly sketching her reflection.

A FALLEN LEAF / Gouache, Pastel, Graphite / 5.5″ x 8.5″

Scaling Backwards

•Ishan Project: 238/127•


Jess looks at him, as he taunts her with his eyes, daring her to make any sudden movement. What she was seeing was unbelievable, but for something this big to sneak up on her, how could she be so careless?  He didn’t even have his cloak available. As he gets closer, she begins edging backwards. Composing herself for what will happen next.

Normally his interest was in only eating.  He finds her movement of interest.  However, as he edges towards her, he feels the moisture in the air around them begin to thin out.

SCALING BACKWARDS / Gouache, Pastel, Graphite / 5.5″ x 8.5″


•Ishan Project: 221/144•



(Con’t from Day 220) First her tendrils began vibrating. Then a mixture began, a changing of the ingredients of circumstance. First in India. Then Africa. Next Russia, which hopped into Spain and both Americas. Turkey, Japan, Portugal, and Buenos Aires also became benefactors. When she stepped back and saw her first days efforts bear seed, she was overjoyed.

MIXTURE / Gouache, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 4″

Tunnel Vision

•Ishan Project: 216/149•



She’d never forget the scent. Although disguised as a double agent, her memory stayed intact. It was difficult performing this ruse. Yet, it was a necessary action if the 4bearance were to achieve their goal.

TUNNEL VISION / Acrylic, Gouache, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 4″

A Scouring of the Plume

 •Ishan Project: 215/150•

215ARAM 1


The Guardian had been running through the fields when a huge gust of wind knocked her down. When her face hit the muddy tracks left behind, she looked up to find another feather. The fog broke and sunlight gazed through the clouds. Now she was able to see more detail. She first notices that a substance is gliding across the feather’s soft texture. She grabs a leather satchel from her belt to obtain this evidence.

Once Aram inspects the substance, it’s confirmed that The Sower’s suspicions were accurate.  The sun-eaters had been a hybrid form of Cyanobacteria.

 A SCOURING OF THE PLUME / Acrylic, Color Pencil / 5.5″ x 4″

A Viscid Walk

•Ishan Project: 213/152•



Her tendrils drag slowly across the muddy field as she mourns her seedlings. Salty water begins to fall from her eyes and she glances at the dried blood caked onto the lids around those traps placed just days ago. These invisible thieves had taken everything she’d worked so hard for.

A slow drizzle begins. The fog from the bay crosses the peninsula. Looking down, she sees the bird’s footprints. It’s claws had dug down greedily into the soil snatching its victim from its roots. All that remain: water condensation. She hears the first raindrops fall. This marshy field, once teeming with life, is now simply a deserted tomb. The pulsation in her heart skips a beat and her pressure rises. For four generations her family had protected and grown these seeds successfully. The rain begins to pick up now leaving her tendrils soaked. From the corner of her eye she notices movement which changes her focus. A blue green flagella like substance glides across the surface of one of the cavities buried deep in the ground. And then a spark…. An idea is triggered.

A VISCID WALK / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

The Talon and the Sun-Eater

•Ishan Project: 211/154•

211talon 1


Under the cover of the sun-eaters he walks through the marsh field without any care. The feathers on his body have been re-engineered to sustain their life. His talon crushes another seed as he gulps it’s petals down his long neck. Tasty.

The microorganisms would shield him. They drink in the suns rays as they’re able to sustain their tiny shells which keep him invisible.

THE TALON AND THE SUN-EATER / Gouache, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 8.5″ x 11″

Watchful Shadows

•Ishan Project: 209/156•



All that would be left of us would be shadows of what we used to be, and we wouldn’t even know it. That’s why the guardians are frustrated with grief. They know that if they can’t figure out how the seed is disappearing, the face of the world will change drastically, so they make sure someone is there to watch the crops all day long. They have six shifts of five hours each. The shorter shifts ensure that the Guardian on-duty is alert at all times. The overlap between shifts is there just in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, this still hasn’t been working. Somehow seed still goes missing right in front of their eyes as they are watching. Therefore, to figure out how the seed’s disappearing, traps would need to be set. But what kind?

WATCHFUL SHADOWS / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

An Interruption

•Ishan Project: 208/157•



I received some disturbing news today. The sower reported that whatever is causing the disappearance of the seeds is moving at such a fast pace, she can’t keep up. It’s wasting precious time and resources to continue to plant when the seeds are being destroyed at such an accelerated rate. Because of this, she has to stop sowing before the 4bear’s resources are completely depleted. Personally, I think they have an idea of what’s happening with the seed and have a plan to try to snuff out the problem before we all become mindless drones. They’re just not saying what it is right now. All we can do is hope, because in the meantime, everything seems to be going Chûndra’s way. And she knows it.

AN INTERRUPTION / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″


•Ishan Project: 207/158•



She was a bit disturbed when she found out Jeth woke her drone, but it actually worked to her benefit. After Chûndra was able to find the girl, she put her through Reconditioning again. It didn’t take as long to work, this time. The girl still had part of the antidote in her blood, which helped her figure out how to improve the process a bit. “How could they be so stupid,” she thought to herself. “They woke her then left her to the wolves.”

TURN / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

Bind For A Fall

•Ishan Project: 205/160•



(Con’t from day 204) As the pollen from the flower travels through her sinuses, they find the molecules from Chûndra’s chemical vapor to bind with it. For this nano-tech had been suppressing this young girl’s grey matter. As the pollen binds with the tiny chem-robot, her body recognizes it as a toxin and is able to overcome it, removing it from her frame. Rheum falls as petals from her eyes. It’s apparent she can begin to focus. Her complexion changes as she pins her hair up and looks over her shoulder…

BIND FOR A FALL / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″


•Ishan Project: 203/162•



(Cont. from DAY 202) There’s a newcomer to town. Someone who seems a little unlike most of the town’s inhabitants. Many of the locals have been talking about him. Reportedly, many have been annoyed by his flowery fragrance and the annoying hummingbird which follows him around. The BFC have tried tracking his whereabouts, but haven’t been able to pinpoint where or what this stranger has been doing at present.

Meanwhile, Chûndra continues her experiment on the inhabitants, making sure her chemical vapor is continuing to saturate throughout this small village. She wants to see how long it will take for the brainwashing to become permanent.

But something begins to bother her. This stranger been able to resist her control so far. How?  She’s even multiplied the dosage of the Sufna formula’s vapor, yet she knows he hasn’t succumbed to it. For if he did, he would have materialized by now. He is too much of an unpredictable variable. He can’t stay.

STAY / Gouache, Graphite, Acrylic, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

A Desolate Mind

•Ishan Project: 202/163•



She sit’s up high in a balcony in a two story chalet on a hill that overlooks the city of interest. Her interest. It’s already started. Chûndra has made sure her Sufna formula has penetrated every inch of town during the past three months. Slowly lulling the residents into an enjoyable stupor. At least she enjoys it. They most likely don’t even realize what’s happening.

It’s working out nicely. She knows this before the day she introduced herself to the woman pictured in this painting. A woman she had been watching, as she was one of the few that had been fighting the formula for some time. Resisting the effects on her mind. Today though, Chûndra suggests, after a short introduction, not to use the car when she picks up her children from school. Instead, why not walk? Or even better, go to the school whilst hopping on one leg. Funny. She did. No one reacted particularly surprised in the town. Chûndra considers going down to meet her again to tell her to stop. Aahhh, maybe tomorrow.

A DESOLATE MIND / Gouache, Color Pencil Chalk / 3.5″ x 5.5″

Aram in the Street Light of Hyde and Beech in San Francisco

•Ishan Project: 201/164•



Aram now travels from Brooklyn, NY to San Francisco, Ca. The 4bearance had initiated a thorough investigation as to who had been stealing the seedlings. She must travel in the night however. Chûndra’s army stay lurking, hunting for the leaders of their small pack.  So she walks silently but ever cautious. Yet to the average night walker she seemed like just another average girl walking the streets of SF even though as she crosses Beech and Hyde Street, the reflections from the traffic lights cast dark shadows on the flowers peaking through the sweater on her small frame.


Take Root

•Ishan Project: 200/165•



She had been too slow.  The Guardian raises her last seedling for inspection.  Frustrated, she senses this one was her last undamaged vessel.  She had failed. The nighttime cast shadows in her field so she’d need to stay alert now. Panic sits in heart then across her face as she realizes it’s happened again. It was imperative to protect these last few because they only had a small window of opportunity for these seedlings to take root.

TAKE ROOT / Gouache, Graphite, Chalk / 5.5″ x 8.5″

A Heart’s Prism

•Ishan Project: 197/168•



(Cont. from DAY 190)  News from 4bear shot through the right ventricle of his heart bending light, and creating a pulsation that was indescribable. He no longer could listen to its efforts. He would become a part of it’s resolving influence.

A HEARTS PRISM / Gouache, Acrylic, Color Pencil, Graphite / 3.5″ x 5.5″

A Guardian Looking Over Her Field

•Ishan Project: 189/176•



As the Sower’s sows, the seeds would need to be protected as they germinate and grow.  Humans’ that have become apart of 4bear have voluntarily taken on this challenge. This hasn’t been an easy task because Chûndra’s army has been trying to devour the seed at every opportunity.  In fact, they’ve developed an appetite for it.

A GUARDIAN LOOKING OVER HER FIELD / Gouache, Graphite, Color Pencil / 3.5″ x 5.5″

The Buried Awake

•Ishan Project: 181/184•

Day 8 of 10 for the Recap of the Ishan Project’s first 6 months.



As the family escapes her castle, Chûndra senses their reunion will harm her plans. She sends out The Forecaster to track them down. While viciously hunting the family he attempts to pin Aram down with bow and arrow.  Chaen lunges to her rescue but is killed.   Netra’s magnetic abilities explodes searing the Forecaster’s left cheek. He runs for cover. This experience traumatizes the family leaving them in a dormant state.  Over a century would past until our heroes reignite. During this time Aram discovers, that as a hybrid, she not only can control her magnetism but can also heal others.

Rïden has tried over several decades to reunite the Ishan with mankind. To do it successfully, he knows he would need help. He remembers that while in captivity Chûndra used a rare salt like substance when experimenting with the limbs she had stolen from the Ishan who’d fallen asleep. He seeks out Brine who could smell in “stereo” to locate this rarity. He then uses it to awaken his fallen friend Koyu Q. Once awoken, Koyu becomes obsessed with locating Anali Q and his other fallen comrades. In the meantime, Riden’s family along with Koyu begin recruiting humans to help them in their endeavor of reversing the effects of Chûndra’s atrocities.

We come to 1988. All of the Ishan around the world have finally been awakened. Koyu’s search for AnaLi leads him to Nashville, TN. Because of his constant activity, the BFC is able to track his whereabouts.  A fight ensues between them and this creates a large storm which wakens a young girl. As she steps outside, her eyes blossom like a flower, and the Awakening begins.

PREET AS SHE AWOKE ON MOUNT LLULLAILLACO IN 1988 / Gouache, Graphite, Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″

A Slaughter For Greed

•Ishan Project: 180/185•

Day 7 of 10 for the Recap of the Ishan Project’s first 6 months.



Chûndra’s hunger for the magnetic powers of the Ishan drove her into a tyranny. She would send her birds out to seek sleeping Ishan. Then she had them sever limb after limb of those helpless sleeping beings for her experiments. All failed. Frantic, she kept sending her soldiers to the house of Rïden and Netra, trying everything she could to seize either the bleeding chair or Rïden himself. Rïden knowing she wouldn’t stop decided to let her catch him. To endure torture was the least he could do to protect his family. It would also provide an opportunity to learn how she put his brethren in a state of unconsciousness. 

Chûndra experimented extensively on Rïden, fashioning his branches into all kinds of objects and tinctures, but nothing worked. Chûndra continued to harass Netra and her two children despite having Rïden in her possession. Eventually, the kids grew older, and with that, the powers they received from their parents became stronger and refined. They grew tired of being harassed and they wanted Rïden back. They left their house to find Chûndra’s lair to help Rïden escape. It lead to the capture of Netra, which was planned. It also led to the capture of Aram, Netra’s daughter, which wasn’t planned. Chûndra performs painful experiments on Aram which finally work. As Chûndra tries to get used to her new powers, Chaen, Netra’s son, steps in and leads the family to their escape. Chûndra crushed and insane with anger, takes a few branches she had left over from Aram’s spine and fashions them into a crown.

LIVING BRANCHES OF ARAM BEING FASHIONED INTO A CROWN / Gouache, Graphite, Color Pencil / 10″ x 6

Rïden, Netra, and The Bleeding Chair

•Ishan Project: 179/186•

Day 6 of 10 for the Recap of the Ishan Project’s first 6 months.



In the year 1629,  Rïden is saved by an older gentleman from India. He forms a close bond with him and his blind daughter, Netra. When Chûndra and the Tritons learn of Rïden’s whereabouts they go to the older man’s home to capture him. Rïden flees, but leaves the old man to fend for himself and his young daughter. The older man dies while protecting his daughter and  keeping Rïden’s location secret. Rïden, feeling completely shamed, gather’s the strength to confront and apologize to the daughter. As a gift, he systematically constructed a chair out of his own limbs. This chair would eventually restore her vision. He decides to stay knowing the Tritons would return. After some time she’s able to forgive him, taking into consideration his guilt and that he was a changed man. They fell in love and eventually married.

A few times the Tritons, BFC, and Chûndra try to overtake their family, but to no avail. Chûndra was frustrated immensely. In addition, her appetite for power mushroomed after witnessing Rïden’s wife, Netra, wield new magnetic abilities she received from her husband. At that point, Chûndra becomes obsessed with finding out how to get this power from the Ishan for her own personal agenda.

NETRA UPON RÏDEN’S RETURN / Gouache, Graphite,  Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″

Birds Made for Fright

•Ishan Project: 178/187•

Day 5 of 10 for the Recap of the Ishan Project’s first 6 months.



Birdface is the name of the leader of the Biogenetical engineered species of birds that are highly intelligent, devious and aggressive. These birds would fly around as Chûndra’s personal entourage.  They became known as the Birdface Crew or BFC for short.


BFC / Gouache, Graphite,  Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″

Subtle Consent

•Ishan Project: 177/188•

Day 4 of 10 for the Recap of the Ishan Project’s first 6 months.




Chûndra was always very smart. Her father was a biologist in the 8th century and very ahead of his time. He was never very good to her. Her appearance reminded him of his deceased wife who died of neglect. This neglect Chûndra inherited. All Chûndra could do was spend time with him in his lab. She spent time watching him as he experimented on birds. He always would torture them feeling safe outside of their cages.  However, one bird in particular accepted treatment very well. So well he started to take on human characteristics.  He became known as Birdface.  He cunningly escaped this lab and created a team or crew of similar birds with like characteristics. Since he and Chûndra both studied her father’s work they decided they would weaponize this knowledge and use it to their own liking.  They wanted to create a world according to their own personal taste. In order to meet this goal they would need to assemble an army or group of drones to do their bidding. This group became known as The Tritons.

SUBTLE CONSENT / Gouache, Graphite, Chalk, Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″

A Surrender to The Dark Sleep

•Ishan Project: 176/189•

Day 3 of 10 for the Recap of the Ishan Project’s first 6 months.



The Dark Sleep spanned over 1200 years starting in 774 C.E. to 1988 C.E. This was a time when the Ishan were put to sleep mysteriously by means of a woman named Chûndra. That mysterious means also wiped mankind’s memory of the Ishan. Thus, the Ishan as a people were forgotten and wiped from mankind’s history. Unbeknownst to Chûndra, one of the Ishan escaped this mass catastrophe while hiding in a salt marsh. He was once a coward and tried to avoid conflict. Little did he know that he put himself at the most pivotal part of it all. It was in his ability to reshape the Ishan’s legacy.  He had to make a decision on whether to accept this responsibility or live alone in hiding while dooming his fellow brothers to a deathlike state in the Earth’s Crust.

A SURRENDER TO THE DARK SLEEP /  Gouache, Graphite / 8.5″ x 11″

Anali Q During The Festival Of Aioida

•Ishan Project: 175/190•

Day 2 of 10 Recap of the Ishan Projects first 6 months.



Friends since they were young children, Anali couldn’t stand to see the pain Chûndra would go through feeling unloved by her father. So Anali decided to become her family. Anali’s family also decided to accept Chûndra as their own. Chûndra knew she should be happy and appreciative, but instead allowed jealousy of Anali to eat away at their relationship. Eventually, Chûndra grew tired of putting up with Anali. Anali was crushed. She found herself spinning out of control, putting an end to a destructive and unhealthy friendship with a person she loved deeply. But just as that was ending, she now found herself in a different type of relationship. One with a person she thought was her enemy, but finally realized would become her closest friend.

Koyu was one that cared for her more that anyone else. Unfortunately, he happened to be friends with Chûndra before Anali had, and Chûndra felt he was her only confidant. The more she would try to hurt Anali, the closer she and Koyu became. Chûndra unwittingly put the two together. Now she had no one. Chûndra decided she wouldn’t stop until Anali experienced what it feels like to be alone and unloved.

ANALI Q DURING THE FESTIVAL OF AIOIDA / Gouache, Graphite, Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″

Chûndra Overlooking the Valley of Wanæro in Ishandria

•Ishan Project: 174/191•

We are approaching the 6 month Anniversary of the Ishan Project. (YAY!) For the next 10 days leading up to this Anniversary we will do a short recap of the history of the Ishan as a people, The Dark Sleep, and Chûndra’s plans of world domination. 




There was an ancient town called Ishandria. In this town lived a species of beings that looked like us but who’s limbs and extremities stretched high and low to the ground resembling trees.  Human’s coexisted peacefully at one time with this group sharing each others culture.

Many of them created close bonds which merged these two species into a friendship. One of the many forged friendships which was at one time peaceful turned bitter and full of jealousy to the point that it threatened to shatter the Earth’s Anthropological makeup.


A Preparer of Ether

•Ishan Project: 172/193•



(Cont. from DAY 171) Atmospheric pressure brought this recipe to a sizzle.  Yet it’s ingredient would be digested with subtlety. Until 4bear figures out what Sufna is made of, the Sower can only tweak it by trial and error.

A PREPARER OF ETHER /  Gouache, Color Pencil, Graphite / 3.5″ x 5.5″

Linger With Pleasure

•Ishan Project: 169/196•



Anali allows her branches to rest from all of the activity.  Since she found Koyu, her mind and body are at peace. As her limbs extend towards the sky, soaking in the rays from the sun, you can hear her leaves wrestling.  She closes her eyes to linger in this moment, but can’t for long. She must use this time of peace to reassess her situation. Already in the distance she could hear the storm approaching.

LINGER WITH PLEASURE / Gouache, Color Pencil / 10″ x 6″


•Ishan Project: 168/197•



At first she felt a little nauseous. Her stomach began turning violently. It had to be airborne, nothing in her house was different. Something began tugging at her psyche, making it hard to concentrate. She tried to fight it, but slowly it’s poison began to suffocate her focus. Her memory slowly dissolved in patches. The more she fought the more the tugging began to resurface negative thoughts of her past. She surrendered to the idea that it wasn’t so hard to forget. Her body began to be weakened from discouragement and she just let go.

VASSAL / Gouache, Acrylic, Graphite / 3.5″ x 5.5″



•Ishan Project: 167/198•



The buds from her branches grazed her face as she ran swiftly through the valley where she used to live lifetimes ago in Ishandria. This would be the spot where Chûndra wants to begin her aggressive movement of brainwashing or “peaceful cognitive conditioning” as she calls it. 4bear hasn’t figured out exactly how she plans on initiating this dreadful campaign of hers, but they know something is happening now. Preet  has to get there soon to see how she is doing this. Even if they can’t stop it today, they need to find out how Chûndra is “conditioning” the minds of others, so they can erase the effects of her tyranny.

SWIFT / Gouache, Acrylic, Graphite / 3.5″ x 5.5″